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Earn free Stellar (XLM) from genuine Stellar Faucets


Earn free Stellar (XLM) from genuine Stellar Faucets

Stellar is a blockchain-based financial system that aims to provide cost-effectively transaction mechanisms to financial institutions. The native cryptocurrency of the network is XLM and its open-source nature truly reflects the democratic nature of the payment system.

Can I Earn Free Stellar?

It is important to understand that like any other field, one needs to be careful before believing claims of free Stellar to users by many websites. In fact, some websites could possibly attempt to steal your sensitive information by corrupting the system with malware. That said, it’s also wrong to proclaim that all websites are disingenuous as there is a slew of options around that actually work and offer free XLM to users. 

How can I earn free Stellar?

One of the most reliable options for earning free Stellar (XLM) is xfaucets. The website has carved a place for itself as it not only offers free Stellar but also presents the opportunity to earn attractive commissions through referrals.

Following are steps you need to take to claim your free XLM on the website:

  1. Create an account on xfaucets by signing up on the website.
  2. Sign in to account using your credentials and once logged in, you have the opportunity to claim up to 0.005 XLM for free every ten minutes.
  3. The website also offers an opportunity to earn referral commissions. All you have to do is to share the referral link and once someone registers through your referral link, you become entitled to the referral commission.
  4. The referral commission offered by the site pertains to two levels:  Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 is also termed as direct referrals and offers 25% commission while Level 2 entitles you to have 10% Commission when the referrals from your friends claim the XLM.

Are there more credible names too?

Coinmonster is another credible option that offers free XLM and the claiming interval on this website is 15 minutes. However, the withdrawal can be done only when the level of holdings reaches the level of three XLM. You have to register on the website to claim your free Stellar.

You can also try the option of ES Faucet which offers the facility to claim free Stellar every five minutes. Like other websites, you have to register and create an account to earn the free XLM coins. Along with these options such as Earn Crypto and Idle Empire can also be used for claiming free Stellar Coins.

What are other ways to earn free Stellar?

In addition to the Stellar faucet, there are other ways also through which the XLM coins can be earned totally free of cost. For example, just by learning the working mechanism behind Stellar on Coinbase, one can earn free XLM coins. Taking the 5 lessons on the XLM will make you entitled to the XLM worth $10. In addition, you can participate in the XLM Airdrops to earn free Stellar.

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