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Fridge Stabilizer Price List- India


Fridge Stabilizer Price List- India

Refrigerators require a constant voltage flow, for which you must choose the proper voltage stabilizer. Here is a price list of different voltage stabilizer brands you can pick for your refrigerator.

Fridge Stabilizer Price List- India

Check them out :

DenenDenen SIPAI-3    Rs. 2,700High-temperature protector, Overload protector, digital volt meter options, heavy-duty transformer, Rust-proof heavy body, Best quality components used. Beautiful Design.
V GuardV Guard VGSD 100 (supreme for refrigerator up to 600-liter voltage stabilizer – Grey)Rs/- 2,699Based on saving power technology, it Saves electricity, Built-in thermal overload protection. Fail-safe circuit protector. Sleek and elegant design.
V GuardV Guard VG50 (New model voltage stabilizer- Cherry)Rs/- 1,670Fail-safe protector circuit. Thermal overload protection. They are designed with an elegant ABS cabinet.
V GuardV Guard VG50 – GreyRs/- 1,649Thermal overload protection. Power saving technology.
V GuardV Guard VG50 2 Amp. – CherryRs/- 1,799Spike suppressor. Output voltage correction.Manual reset. Circuit breaker. Under volt protection. Over volt protection. Phase reversal protection.
V GuardV Guard VG-50 135 vac-280 vac (Cherry, grey) Rs/- 1,659ABC material Under volt protection Over volt protection Maximum input power- 270 V
V GuardV Guard VG 150 (supreme for refrigerators above 600-liter voltage stabilizer-Grey)Rs/- 3,999Overload protection. The constant time delay system. Load CapacityABS cabinet. LED display. IC technology. Circuit protection. Generator compatibility. Wall mounting cabinet.
V GuardV Guard VSDI 50 voltage stabilizer – greyRs/- 2,320ABS plastic material. LED Display Surge indicator. Output voltage correction. Trip delay. Automatic reset. Manual reset. Circuit breaker. Under volt protection. Over volt protection. 
V Guard V Guard VGSD-50 (High-quality voltage stabilizer- Grey)Rs/- 1,795Power saving technology. Fail-safe circuit protector.
V GuardV Guard VSDI100 voltage stabilizer-GreyRs/- 3,289Digital display system. The intelligent time delay system. ABS cabinet. Low and high voltage cut-off protection. Microcontroller- based approach. 
MicrotekMicrotek EMR 2013 Automatic voltage stabilizer – RedRs/- 1,489Power saving technology. Low and high voltage cut-off protection.
MicrotekMicrotek EMR 4013 Automatic voltage stabilizer- RedRs/- 2,209Power saving technology. Low and high voltage cut-off protection.
GodrejGodrej G500X9 Voltz EV stabilizer for refrigerator – greyRs/- 2,650Microcontroller-based design. Distortion-free output voltage. Intelligent time delay for auto start. Specially designed transformer. Power saving technology.


We hope this list helped you know more about various stabilizer models available in the Indian market and make an informed decision.

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