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Fun Ways To Release Anger Physically

Fun Ways To Release Anger Physically


Fun Ways To Release Anger Physically

Everyone experiences anger. But the question today is, how do you express it? Do you act on your anger or keep it bottled inside of you? If you act on your anger, then you can hurt your loved ones. However, if you keep your anger bottled inside of you, cortisol and adrenaline that are stress hormones will be released which will make you more prone to cardiovascular disease and infections. Hence, you will avoid hurting others but you will end up hurting yourself.

The best method for dealing with anger is to deal with it in fun ways to release anger physically and convert this destructive and negative feeling into something constructive and positive.

When you put your negative feelings into an activity or words then your decision-making and emotional response will decrease. That will lead to better physical and mental health. Studies have found proof that people who express their feelings openly are healthier than those who bottle up their emotions.

Fun Ways To Release Anger Physically

Here we have provided 7 fun ways to release anger physically. Some methods are beautiful and fun and will help you express your anger.

1. Journal.


Write out everything that is making you angry. Grab a pen and a paper and write in a detailed manner about what you are feeling.

2. Hit the ball.


You can learn to play golf, tennis, volleyball, table tennis or any other sport. You can buy boxing gloves and express your anger by hitting a punching bag. You can imagine beating up whoever is triggering your anger. You can work out at the gym and pump weights or go for a swim or a run.

3. Sing away your anger.


Listen to songs that have anger in them such as Carrie Underwood’s before he cheats. You can create lyrics and scores as well that will match your feelings. It does not matter if you know music or not, you can still create something beautiful. You can utilize any musical tool or sing with your voice.

4. Paint or draw away your anger.


Grab an empty sheet of paper with some colorful paint and paint or draw whatever comes to you naturally. You may end up drawing something gorgeous.

5. Dance.


Express your anger via dancing. You can dance inside your home, on a rhythm that calls out to you and let your anger seep away.

6. Verbalize the anger.


Take a chair and put it across from you. Sit on one chair and imagine another person, whoever you are angry with is occupying the other empty chair. Let go of your emotions and release your words onto that chair. Scream at it and talk to it.

7. Pillows.


You can safely release anger by putting a few pillows on the sofa. You should be alone at home for this. Hit these pillows while screaming at them and pretending they are the human being that angered you. You will end up venting your rage in a matter of minutes and feel objective and relaxed again.

We hope, these fun ways to release anger physically help you lead a happy and healthy life.

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