Best VR games to play without a controller for Android

If you want to immerse in VR gaming then you require extra hardware such as a costly headset or a controller. However, with Daydream and Google Cardboard it has become much easier to enjoy VR games without a headset. The gameplay may not be very interactive but it still provides an amazing sensation that makes you feel like you are on a real adventure. Here, we have listed the best VR games that can be played without a controller for android, that you can enjoy with any cheap headset or Google Cardboard.

Best VR games to play without a controller on android

Here are the Best VR games that you can play without a controller on android. You may need a compatible headset with a trigger button for them. Most of these games are cheap or free, hence you do not have to worry about pricing.

1. VR X Racer

  • This game is available for free with in-app purchases on Android. If you are someone that enjoys racing, then you will love this game. It is one of the best games in VR that can be played with a headset. The 3D graphics are amazing which makes the gameplay feel extremely real. This game will give you an amazing racing adventure. It has motion sensing hence you can navigate by moving your headset and racing through the track. This game has you competing not only with other riders but also with obstacles through the track. VR X Racer is a nice game with 3D effects.
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2. VR Roller Coaster

This is one of the best games in VR to play if you do not have a controller. It is available for free with in-app purchases on Android. You will need to have Daydream or Google Cardboard to play this game. You will truly feel like you are riding a roller coaster in real life with this game. It is an amazing game with various scenarios such as inversions, slow-down speed, and steep slopes. You can control everything with your headset. The simulation of this game is basically perfect and it has over 60 tracks from various parks that give you a real-life sensation.

3. Smash hit

This game is a very famous game that does not need a controller. This is a three-dimensional VR game that takes you through structures made of glass that break and form obstacles along your journey. In this game, you get to smash objects with accuracy so they do not fall on you. The structure of the game is futuristic and the audio effect provides an amazing otherworldly experience. You get 50 rooms of glass with various graphic styles and you can choose whatever fascinates you. This game is available for free on Android.

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4. Snow Strike VR

This is another fun VR game that can be played without a controller and is available for free on Android. It does not have great visual effects but the mechanics are good.

Sure, you have already selected your choice of game/s and already started downloading it. A Controller or the lack of it has no impact on playing these amazing games.

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