Nostalgic Computer Games for girls from 2000s – Let’s go back!

Prior binge-watching web shows was a thing, styling barbies, and baking a variety of cakes, was girls’ favorite pastimes.

Many girls grew up playing computer games such as Stardoll, The Sims, and other similar games. Several of these games or updated versions are still available online, which is great news for enthusiasts. Let us explore some of the famous computer games famous in the early 2000’s especially for girls.

6 Famous Girl Computer Games from the 2000s

I. Barbie: Magic Hair Styler:

Source: Wikipedia

Barbie’s hair could be cut and styled and also regrow hair with a special hair lengthening tool. The gamers might also add accessories. You could also put eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, or “fake” tattoos as makeup. Makeup could only be applied to appropriate places, and choosing unusual colors may cause the game to respond with a “that looks weird” message.

II. The Sims:

Source: Wikipedia

The players created virtual people called “Sims,” placed them in houses, and helped direct their moods and satisfy their desires. Players could either place their Sims in pre-constructed homes or build them themselves.

You can play this game on your phone. Yes, you heard that right. EA offers The Sims Mobile, which you can purchase through Google Play or the App Store. The Sims FreePlay is another alternative for people who may not want to spend any money on the game.

III. Nancy Drew Secrets Can Kill:

Source: Wikipedia

Players played the part of the fictional character, detective Nancy Drew and worked to unravel the mystery by questioning people, solving riddles, and uncovering hints. The computer game was a 3D animation. However, the characters were 2D, unlike modern versions. There were three different levels of gameplay: Junior, Senior, and Master detective modes, each with a unique level of difficulty of riddles and clues.

IV. Stardoll:

Source: Wikipedia

Stardoll is a fun and nostalgic game to spend some time on. Players may build their personal virtual doll or pick from a variety of famous dolls at Stardoll, then style them up in different types of makeup and clothes using in-game money to purchase various items. The game is 100 % free. However, the website may ask you to sign up for a free Stardoll profile in some cases.

V. Mary Kate & Ashley Sweet 16 Licensed to Drive:

Source: Wikipedia

Mary-Kate and Ashley were playable characters, and the game consisted of seven mini-games. There was only one town map. The basic aim was to drive to all milestones before the mission ended, with optional destinations that provided scores. When the gamer completed a level, they were issued a performance card. 

VI. The American Girls Premiere:

Source: Wikipedia

The American Girls Premiere enabled the players to produce and direct one-of-a-kind stage plays featuring historical figures. Players were provided with a stage on which they may construct plays using a drag-and-drop interface to add actors, props, lighting, and other components to the scene after picking a character. 

Based on the historical era in which their stories are set, each character had their unique set of clothes. Players could also use a voice recording or the built-in text-to-speech tool to add dialogue to their creations. The game helped players improve their narrative and writing abilities.

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