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Glass Manufacturers in Turkey


Glass Manufacturers in Turkey

According to the information compiled from Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), Turkey has a huge export in glass and glassware. Turkey earned $ 40 million in higher revenue this year compared to the January-June, 2020 period last year from exports of glass and glassware.

The most important inputs used in glass production are sand soda, dolomite and quartz. As the country is rich in these resources, 98% of the domestic raw materials are used in the Turkish glass industry. Recently, the Turkish glass industry has shown rapid growth and companies have made new investments both in Turkey and abroad in line with the regional leadership and growth strategy.

Here are some glass manufacturers in Turkey that contribute towards the rapid growth of the Turkish economy.



Şişecam has introduced numerous innovations and driven development of the flat glass industry both in Turkey and the other regions. The Company is a leader in Europe and the world’s fifth largest flat glass producer in terms of production capacity. Şişecam conducts flat glass operations in three core business lines: architectural glass (e.g. flat glass, patterned glass, laminated glass and coated glass), energy glass and home appliance glass.


Okandan glass which is one of the leading fabricator of glass products in Turkey , was built in 1954. With extensive investments and developments in the glass industry, in 1968 the company become the authorized distributor of Sisecam, Turkey for the glass products.

Okandan′s competitive strengths are not only its production capabilities and range of products. But also its management structure, philosophy and culture which intertwine these vast capabilities with the responsiveness and customer focus of it is management team.


Akgun KeepBond Glass Tic. Ltd. established 8 years ago in answer to the increasing need for decorative glass, especially for architectural and interior uses. They employ a total number of 122 employees who are well trained and have become experts in their own rights. With their creative hands, glass can be engraved, sandblasted, used in stained glass or made into glass souvenir art pieces, in a variety of styles and designs to meet the demands of every customer. They makes full use of the following diverse processes to meet their customers’ artistic requirements.


Blestte Glass one of the advanced glass-suppliers from Turkey, and mainly supplies building glass and safety glass. Their glass includes high quality pattern glass, float glass, coating glass and ultra clear float glass. Their competitive products are pattern glass, float glass and processed glass. They have numerous designs of clear and colored pattern glass, and can produce the design as per demand. Now, Blestte products are sold well in international market and the market is rising rapidly.


Baskent Glass Company was founded in 1978 under the title of “Fehmi Siris Baskent Auto glass factory” in Ankara. Initially it was only engaged in manufacturing laminated auto glass. Now, Baskent Glass Company, has three factory buildings, first for laminated glass production line, the second for tempering line and the third for glass storage and marketing department.

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