3 Ways in which Grammar Checkers Can Improve Your Write-Ups

Grammar checkers are one of the most common tools that are used by most writers as a part of their post-writing routine. With grammar checkers, you can easily find and fix grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors in your content.

However, there can be some writers who don’t think about using grammar checkers on their content at all. Such writers can either just lack confidence in grammar checkers, or they can feel themselves above the need of using tools to ensure grammatical perfection in their content.

If you happen to be in any one of these categories, read this post till the end. Hopefully, once you’re done reading, your mind will be made up to use regularly grammar checkers for your content.

3 Ways in Which Grammar Checkers Can Improve Your Write-Ups

Here are three ways in which grammar checkers can improve the quality of your written content.

Ø  Finding and Removing Grammatical Errors

The first and primary function that grammar checkers serve to perform is removing grammatical errors.

Grammatical errors can basically be defined as the mistakes that relate to word structure and order. Tense discrepancies also fall within the ambit of ‘grammatical’ errors.

Here are some examples of grammatically incorrect sentences:

He will went to the store today.

She will sleeps yesterday.

He may remains at home tomorrow.

All types of writers, be it bloggers, students or book authors, have to make sure that their content is free from grammatical errors. Grammatical errors can wreck the quality of written content, and make it look amateurish.

To remove such errors and mistakes from their content, writers can use grammar checking tools. As compared to manual proofreading, the benefit of using dedicated tools is that there is a lesser chance for any errors to slip by. Since tools work on an automated algorithm, they can spot the issues without fail…unless there happens to be an issue present in the tool itself.

Ø  Fixing Punctuation in the Content

While some people may argue that punctuation is a category and branch of grammar, there’s actually a fine difference between the two.

Punctuation refers to the signs and symbols that are used while writing for ending or splitting sentences e.g. commas and full stops.

Punctuation errors can thus be defined as mistakes that occur due to the wrong selection or placement of punctuation marks. Here are some examples.

He went to the shop, he also stopped at the cleaners on the way back. (Here, a comma is used instead of a full stop)

The mug was empty; the tea was not yet prepared. (This sentence also has a wrongly placed comma)

Just as you can use grammar checkers for removing grammatical errors in your content, you can also use them to find and fix punctuation mistakes.

Ø  Removing Spelling Mistakes

Last but not least, you can also use grammar checkers to find and remove spelling errors in your write-up.

Although the name of these tools is ‘grammar’ checkers, they often also have the feature to find and fix spelling-related mistakes in your content.

Some tools may not even mention it as a special or notable feature, but they can provide it all the same.

What is the Benefit of Using Grammar Checkers?

When you use a grammar checker on your content, you basically make it free from any sort of grammatical, punctuation or spelling-related imperfection. This makes your content look professional and reliable, and it also helps you to come off as authoritative.

When your content looks professional and your impression as a writer comes off as ‘well-grounded’, then you can get a boost in your readership. If you’re writing for SEO, then it can be even better. Professional content is considered to be ‘link worthy’. If you manage to get a lot of inbound links to your site, it can be great for its SERP ranking.

So, all in all, the main benefit of using grammar checkers is that they can help you eliminate all types of imperfections in your content relating to grammar, punctuation and spelling. This, in turn, helps to make your content look reliable and more authoritative.

Which Grammar Checkers to use in 2022?

While grammar checkers can be great and all, they’re only worth using if you are fortunate to find a decent one. There are a lot of grammar checkers available online, and not all of them are worth using.

So, to help you look for a reliable tool, we’re going to mention some here.

1.     Grammar Checker by Articlerewriter.net

Articlerewriter.net , as the name might indicate, primarily an article rewriter tool. However, it also has some other useful content optimization tools as well.

The first and main thing that we like about this tool is the accessibility. There is no sign-up required nor do you have to pay to buy a subscription before using this tool. Anyone can just load up the website, use the tool and then leave. This is a very nice aspect about this platform considering how aesthetic and quick it is.

Other than this, the actual working of this tool is also quite satisfactory. It works quick enough and it underlines the errors in the text; which makes them easy to spot. To fix the errors, you can simply click on them and select the right suggestion from the menu.

When using this tool, you can enter up to 1,000 words in one go. There is also an option for you to directly upload files from your local storage.

2.     Linguix

Linguix is actually not only a grammar checker. It’s basically a single tool that serves three different purposes.

You can use Linguix to rewrite your sentences, check for grammar mistakes as well as spelling mistakes. You can do this all in just one input box.

Like the tool by Articlerewriter.net, Linguix is also free to use. However, it does require you to sign up if you want to check large amounts of text in one go. Without signing up, you’ll only be able to enter about 4 to 5 sentences in a single attempt.

Coming to the working of this tool, it’s very quick and smooth. Unlike most tools, Linguix does not have a two-step process. Rather, all you need to do is enter your content in the box, and the tool will check it automatically in real-time…without requiring you to click a button or anything.

It spots the errors accurately enough, and it highlights them in red. You can click on each error and select the correct suggestion from the drop-down list.

However, there is one downside for using this tool. You won’t be able to import or upload files from your system storage or from the cloud. You can only copy-paste or directly type the text.


So, there you have it.

Grammar checkers are useful tools that every writer should use as part of their post-writing routine. They can help you spot grammatical, punctuation and spelling-related errors in your content.

By using these tools to polish your write-ups, you can make them look professional, reliable and ‘link-worthy’.

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