How to Hate Food to Lose Weight

If processed and unhealthy food is stopping you from losing weight then you can outsmart food using these amazing tricks on how to hate food to lose weight.

Why Do People Crave Food?

Food cravings are physiological reactions that are quite powerful. These reactions have been developed strategically and carefully by manufacturers of unhealthy food. Most of our favorite snacks have been made using the right amount of salt, sugar, fat, and chemicals to make us desire them more. You must avoid eating processed food by opting for whole and healthy food items. If you eat less unhealthy food, your cravings for them will reduce.

Tips to hate food to lose weight

Here are some tips on how to hate food to lose weight.

Source: Pexel

1. Spot Hidden Sugar

Read the labels for checking sugar under different names and added sugar. There are many items that mean sugar. You should look for items such as brown rice syrup, fructose, honey, evaporated juice of cane, and agave nectar.

2. Avoid Colored Plates

  • A study came to a conclusion that people drank more soda and ate more food if they ate it from a plate that was black or red in color as opposed to a white plate. ‘
  • f you want to consume less food, then pick a plate that is white in color and get your fill of color by choosing a rainbow of vegetables and fruits.

2. Avoid Routine

  • If you are someone that has strict snack timings, like you eat something from a vending machine every day at 4 pm, then break that habit. Choose to walk at that time instead of eating.
  • You may end up losing your craving completely. A study done on 48 people once found that if they took a walk even for 15 minutes, it reduced their sugary and high-calorie snack cravings.

Keep Food Out of Your Sight

  • Make sure your food is placed away from you. So if you want more food, you will have to intentionally instead of mindlessly reach for it.
  • A research was published in 2017 that found that you will be more likely to eat chocolates, grapes, and crackers if they were situated within your arm’s length as opposed to being 10 feet away.
Source: Pexel

4. Keep Healthy Food Near You

  • Store food that is healthy in the center, in front so you can eat it more.
  • It is very easy to binge eat snack food items, you open a bag of chips and in a matter of minutes, it is finished. However, if you were carrying a bag of carrots chopped and ready to eat, then you will be tempted to eat them with a dip instead of chips. As per science, there is a link to this.
  • A study was published in a journal that said people who store fruit on their counters are healthier than people who store cereals, candy, and soft drinks in visible spaces.

5. Know The Foods That Trigger You

  • If you are someone that enjoys salty treats such as pretzels or someone that has a sweet tooth for red velvet or chocolate then know those foods that will send you through a trip of binge eating these junk food items.
  • Once you identify the food items, do not buy them.

We hope you can learn how to hate food to lose weight using these brilliant tricks.

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