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How To Hate Food To Lose Weight?

How to Hate Food to Lose Weight


How To Hate Food To Lose Weight?

Hate food? What an irony! Who can hate food? Well, not literally but if you personally want to lose weight, you might need to. It is believed that for losing weight, 20% depends on exercising while 80% depends on food. If processed and unhealthy food is stopping you from losing weight then you can outsmart food using these amazing tricks on how to hate food to lose weight.

Let’s see how you can do that!

Tips To Hate Food To Lose Weight

Here are some tips on how to hate food to lose weight:

lose weight

1. Spot Hidden Sugar

Read the labels and look for sugar under them. Sometimes, sugar comes in different forms and you might miss. You should look for items like:

  • brown rice syrup
  • fructose
  • honey
  • evaporated juice of cane
  • agave nectar

While not all sugars are harmful, it is important to keep them at bay while focusing on cutting down weight. Also, aerated drinks are filled with a lot of sugar so keep them far away .

2. Big No To Junk Food

This goes without saying: junk food is bad for you. No chips, no pretzels, no wafers, no pizza, no burger!

They come with a lot of oil and preservatives that are not good for your health and only makes you gain weight. Also, oily foods are not good for your heart. It can lead to heart problems and hospital bills.

3. Do Not Overeat

Many people live to eat. Here, you need to eat to live. Do not gobble down more than the usual portions. It is crucial to keep a check on your portions. We are not telling you to incessantly check on every morsel, every bite that you take but take according to your need.

You can follow a regimen. You may seek professional help from a medical professional or a certified dietician. We recommend to learn about different body types and what suits you best.

4. Keep Food Out Of Your Sight

Make sure unhealthy food is away from you. So when you look for snacks, you’ll end up not finding any. If you have some at your home right now, give them away! Sell them off, give it to your friends or donate it to people who need them the most.

A research published in 2017 found that you are more likely to eat chocolates and crackers if they were within your arm’s reach as opposed to being 10 feet away.

5. Replace Junk With Healthy

Ditch the crackers and fill the kitchen stock with carrots. Make fruits your best friends.

There will be teething troubles when you switch but when you start eating healthier, you will feel good from the inside. You will no longer be ridden with guilt.

Why Do People Crave Junk Food?

Food cravings are physiological reactions that are quite powerful. These reactions have been developed strategically and carefully by manufacturers of unhealthy food. Most of our favorite snacks have been made using the right amount of salt, sugar, fat, and chemicals to make us desire them more. You must avoid eating processed food by opting for healthier options. If you eat less unhealthy food, your cravings for them will reduce.


Before we end this article, here is some food for thought:

  • Do not lose weight under societal pressure. It should be a personal choice.
  • When we say hate food, we want you to ditch high sugar, carbs and calories that will impact your weight.
  • Physical activity is a must.
  • Aim for wellness to eradicate illness.

Lastly, “You are what you eat.”

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