Heat Resistant Resin for Ashtrays

Epoxy resin is used for creating a variety of things. From furniture to heavy industrial work, epoxy resin has shown its versatility in many forms. One such application of it is in making ashtrays. You can find heat-resistant ashtrays anywhere online or in stores, or create your own by getting a DIY set. An ashtray can help with the ash remnants of your cigar or cigarette.

If you are looking for heat-resistant epoxy resin, you have reached the right place. Let’s dive into this article and understand heat-resistant resins for ashtrays, what to look for, and more.

Heat Resistant Epoxy Resins for Ashtrays

Understanding that many epoxy resins are heat resistant is crucial, but some might have different boiling points. The heat and smoke produced by your cigarette might impact the ashtray. So, it is necessary to know which one will be suitable for you. Here is a list of ashtrays that will be suitable for you:

  1. Stone Coat Epoxy – It is a good option, with the ability to hold the temperature from 300 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. FX Epoxy – It can withstand temperatures up to 400-500 degrees Fahrenheit. It can hold the ashes well.

How To Make Your Own Resin Ashtray?

  • Choose a highly heat-resistant epoxy resin. Ensure that it is durable and does not easily crack. Also, make sure that it can withstand other weather conditions. Suppose you want to keep it outside in your garden or balcony; it should be able to tolerate that.
  • Take 6 ounces of epoxy resin in a cup. Mix it well.
  • Add alcohol ink to the mix. Now, add a color of your choosing or glitter, or both. Glitter should be added carefully so that the mix is not made very thick.
  • If not them, then you can use paint too, preferably acrylic paint.
  • Mix it well until it uniformly settles and looks like part of the resin.
  • After mixing the whole thing for 5 to 7 minutes, add the mix to your mold. Make sure it is evenly spread in the mold; otherwise, your ashtray will have an uneven base.
  • Let the resin mix set in the mold for some hours or the whole day. It also depends on the weather.
  • Once it solidifies, remove the resin from the mold carefully. Your ashtray is ready!

Buy Online

Even online, you can find ashtrays made of epoxy resin, especially on Etsy.

There are a plethora of ashtrays to choose from. You will love the collection. Here is our favorite from Etsy that you will like:

Name Price
Butterfly Resin Ashtray$17.00
Blacklight Duck Ashtray / Glow In The Dark Rubber Ducky Bath Resin Ashtray$24.00+
Sparkly Flower Resin Ashtray, Real Flower, Clear Holographic Made to order, Glitter Resin Ashtray, Cute Ashtray$20.00
Poly Resin Jamaican Ashtray$15.00
Yellow Flower resin Ashtray$18.70
Heart Resin custom ashtray | resin ashtray | ash tray | resin tray | tray | custom tray | custom ashtray | heart ash tray |christmas gift$14.00+


Choosing a suitable epoxy resin for your ashtray is necessary because your cigarette bud will have a lot of heat. Having an excellent heat-resistant ashtray is essential. However, we recommend not directly pressing the bud on the ashtray and letting the flakes fall on it. Some ashtrays might be able to take in the heat, while some might not. Choose your epoxy wisely.

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