How can pets make you happy and improve your life?


Those soulful puppy eyes make your heart go mushy. Who doesn’t love pets? Those soft, furry, and funny pals make our life easier. These cutely paw-rfect friends also help keep our life healthy. This is a fact backed by Science, too; pets can keep us fit and help release happy hormones.

Let’s dig deeper and find out how pets can help improve our lives.

Pets and Mental Health

Many researchers have seen that keeping pets home can help release happy hormones, like serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for uplifting our moods. Many psychiatrists and psychologists recommend that patients with depression keep pets to boost their mood.

Some studies are being conducted to see how children with autism, ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) and other conditions are with pets and how it can benefit them.

Pets and Physical Health

Playing with pets is not only fun but is an exercise in itself. Moving around and running with your dogs can keep you fit and healthy. A family with six dogs said they got rid of their gym membership because their dogs keep them running around all the time.

A brisk walk to the park or playing with a ball or frisbee can keep you fit and rejuvenated.

Routine Life

You start living a disciplined life. You wake up in the morning to take your pet for a walk and feed them, which happens in a set time frame. This way, you put in a healthy regime, get a good walk, and stay fit. Your sleep cycle gets fixed (teething troubles happen with your dogs barking, but everything eventually falls into place.)

Help Aid

Many people with some physical disability keep pets as their helping aid. Dogs are always on their guard and their toes at all times, and their mindfulness can help aid blind people walk and cross streets.

People with panic and anxiety attacks have emotional support pets who calm them down during an episode. They can be of great support if trained well.

Guinea pigs, cats, dogs, birds and more can be emotional support animals.

Interaction Helps

Cortisol, a hormone linked to stress, is demonstrated to be reduced in levels when people interact with animals. Animals can improve your mood, lessen loneliness, and promote emotions of social support, according to other research.

Which dog breeds should I prefer?

All dogs are simply the best! However, a Cane Corso puppy can fill your life with joy. With their cute eyes and wet boops, your home will burst only with happiness. There are essentially two types of this breed: a Fawn Cane Corso and a King Cane Corso. Both of them are adorable.

It is essential to remember that to bring up a Cane Corso dog; you need to set the right environment that is friendly to your dog and does not wreak havoc in your life. Also, suitable toys are pet-safe and not made of cheap or harmful plastic/chemicals, so ensure you get the right ones for your fur babies.

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