How Do Alexa Light Bulbs Work

Using smart home devices is an appealing feature of voice control devices such as Alexa. It is appealing but it is also inevitable that you will end up feeling overwhelmed while setting up your smart home since there are many possibilities and options. If you are new to smart devices, it could be good for you to first make a smart home. You can start by installing a light bulb that can be controlled by Alexa.

So, how do Alexa light bulbs work? There are various brands that sell smart bulbs that can be set up. The setup procedures may be different for each bulb, based on their brand. You can pick any smart light bulb, that is available, supported by Alexa, and easy to set up.


Install your bulb by screwing it in. You can verify if the lamp is on dimmer. Many smart bulbs can work on dimmer but if it is an old dimmer then it will not be able to handle new LED lamps. Currently, you do not have to worry about it hence avoid dimmers.

  1. Open Alexa on your mobile phone, switch on your light and wait for a couple of seconds.
    2. Select the tab with Devices written on it. It is located on the screen in the lower corner, on the right side.
    3. At the top of the screen under Devices, you will find some buttons. Echo & Alexa will be the first button and All Devices will be the last button. However, there is a button called Lights in the middle. Select it.
    4. When you see Lights, that means Alexa has installed the light automatically.
Source: CNET

Final Set Up- How do Alexa light Bulbs Work?

To use your bulb using Alexa, start by selecting the Lights button. A list of smart bulbs will come up that have been set up to work with your Alexa. Select the light’s name and a screen will open that will ask you to adjust the bulb’s brightness. You can adjust the brightness using the slider.
You will find a gear icon, on the upper corner of the screen on the right side. Select it and it will open another screen that will give you all the details about your bulb and you can also rename the bulb here.

So how do Alexa light bulbs work? After they are set up, you can simply turn the smart bulb off and on by commanding Alexa to do so. You will have to save a bulb’s name on your app to be able to command Alexa. You can easily say, ” Alexa, turn the device ( whatever name you have chosen) off ” or ” Alexa turn ( your device’s name) off “. You can dim the bulbs as well by saying ” Alexa, dim ( the device’s name) to 50 percent. “

Welcome to the universe of homes that are smart and have smart light bulbs. You can also add the light bulb manually in the app by adding a device manually and then set it up.

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