How is a career in a consumer goods company?

The consumer goods industry is one of the oldest sectors whose growth potential has been sustained over the years. Choosing a career in this sector is a smart move for anyone wishing to establish a career in marketing, supply chain, procurement, logistics, quality control, and finance. Other than the opportunity to build a stable, sustainable career, the consumer sector has some of the biggest companies in the world. Such companies, including Coca-Cola, Unilever, Henkel, Toyota, and L’Oreal, offer you fantastic growth opportunities, and they can be a significant boost to your resume. Here are the top reasons why you should consider a career in a consumer non-durables goods company.

1) Work-Life Balance

Being large and quite established companies, the consumer goods industry offers some of the best work-life balance. For instance, in a survey conducted by career bliss, 75% of Coca-Cola employees reported an excellent work-life balance. 80% of the employees reported that they work less than 8 hours a day, and those who work overtime are compensated adequately. In terms of the work environment, the consumer goods industry provides the safest working environment. Being a highly regulated industry, the organizations seek to provide a safe environment for their employees.

2) Opportunity To Go Global

Being multinational companies with operations worldwide, consumer goods companies offer employees an opportunity to work in different parts of the world. For instance, if you join Unilever as an intern based in the US, if you stick with the company for a decade, you might travel to all the continents in the world. Other than the opportunity to grow within a company, being in one multinational makes it easier for r you to join another multination. The skills acquired while being a part of a multinational are rare skills and are highly competitive in the labor market

3) Diversity

If you love interacting with other cultures, making friends across the world, then the consumer goods industry is the best place for you. Being global brands, multinationals seek to build a diversified team of employees from different countries, races, ethnicity, and continents. Other than team diversity, a career in consumer goods will expose you to work with various professionals. For instance, if you are an accountant, you can interact with engineers, quality control specialists, markers, lawyers, public relations officers, among others. Being large companies with many transactions, consumer goods companies tend to build a diverse workforce with professionals in different fields.

4) Opportunity To Work In a Fast-Paced Environment

The consumer goods industry is the fastest growing industry and one industry that constantly invests in research and development. With rapidly changing customer needs, the need to be innovative and creative dominates the consumer goods industry. Thus, working in this industry, you will be stretched and challenged to hone your skills in customer service, research, business development, and other skills.
To come up with new ideas, consumer goods companies must seek new ideas and develop those ideas constantly. The need to continually attract and retain customers pushes them to innovate new ideas continuously. Thus, while developing new products, you will enhance your creative and imaginative skills, making you a more valuable employee.

5) Professional Growth And Development

If you aspire to join an organization where you will start as an intern and rise through the ranks to become the CEO, then the consumer goods industry is the best company. With an established employees relations department, the big corporations in the consumer goods industry have a clear career path for employees. In most companies, employees start as management trainees before joining other departments within the organization.

Your skills, abilities, and competence determine how fast you can rise through the ranks. Companies in the consumer goods industry are known to invest in employees, with some offering employees grants to further their studies. Further, they have competitive remuneration and other competitive employee benefits like health insurance. Thus, when you join the consumer goods industry, you are securing not only your future but that of your family as well.

6) Get The Opportunity To Solve World Problems

The consumer goods industry plays a critical role in solving everyday challenges faced by customers. While you might not solve significant challenges like discovering some drug to cure a deadly disease, working for a consumer goods company enables you to solve everyday problems. For instance, when customers complained about the impact of Unilever’s packaging material, they introduced bio-degradable packaging.

Similarly, when customers complained about high sugar levels in their drinks, Coca-cola responded by introducing diet coke. Thus, being a part of a consumer goods company enables you to solve everyday problems.

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