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How to Automate your Jet Ski Rental Business


How to Automate your Jet Ski Rental Business

Automation in the jet ski rental industry brings a lot of leverage for business owners in terms of operational costs and providing an improvised consumer experience. For instance, jet ski rental businesses can create a digital storefront to allow customers to book a jet ski in advance with a single tap on their smartphones. Meanwhile, they can also manage inventory and returns in the backend with a powerful admin dashboard. 

However, to bring this efficiency, jet ski rental businesses will need to invest in building or upgrading their software technology.

Steps for Automation in the Jet Ski Rental Business

  1. Select a Jet Ski Rental Software

Do some research and handpick some jet ski rental software that matches your requirements. These software will either be self-hosted or SaaS. Self-hosted software are deployed on your own server and give you full control over your jet ski rental store. Moreover, you can also select a third-party fast or secure server for deployment. In contrast, SaaS software are already deployed on the software provider’s server and available as a monthly subscription.

  1. Check Demos

After handpicking the software, reach out to respective software providers and schedule a demo. Pay close attention to the usability and interface of the rental business software from both customer and admin point of view. Also check out the various features you require your online jet ski rental platform to have. To take some reference, consider the following features:

  • Booking Calendar
  • Rental Agreement
  • Security Management
  • Order Management
  • Return Management
  • Refund Management
  • Product Inspection
  1. Compare Option

After viewing the software demos, you can pitch all your selected solutions against each other to see performance, user-experience and compatibility with your businesses. You can also compare other things, such as customizability, scalability, integrations, customer support and more.

  1. Purchase and Deploy the Software

Once you have made your final selection and invested in a reliable online rental software, it is time to deploy the software on your server. The software provider can guide you towards the server requirements and install the software. Once the software is installed, you need to set up primary pages such as home page, contact us page, about us page, terms and conditions and more. Then you also need to upload jet ski listings, add bank accounts and set up payment gateways. After everything is done, you can start your business operations.


Global businesses are adapting automation and taking the digital approach to streamline their operations and lower the operational costs. Doing so in jet ski rental businesses can reduce expenses on manual processes such as handling inventory, returns, invoicing, interaction and internal communication. Moreover, it can also help business owners in keeping track of revenue and various other metrics to drive business growth and expansion.

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