How to Stop Epoxy Resin Bleeding Into Wood?

Is your epoxy resin bleeding into the wood, and you are unsure how to fix it? Then you have reached the right place. This article will help answer your query about epoxy dye bleeding into wood. Not just that, but we will also share more details revolving around it.

Let’s dive deep into it.

How to Stop Epoxy Bleeding Into Wood?

If you’re repairing wood using epoxy resin, you might have noticed that sometimes it starts bleeding. At this point, a mess is created when the resin leaks out of the cracks. To curb this issue, we can use the following ways:

1. By putting a thick layer of epoxy

To avoid bleeding, you must use a thick layer of epoxy. By doing this, you can make sure that the wood fibers have absorbed enough resin to prevent them from absorbing any more and bleeding out over the surface.

2. By drilling holes in the wood

The wood can also be drilled with holes, which you can then fill with epoxy resin. Due to this, the resin won’t be able to spread out too much.

3. By waiting for it to get hardened or cured

Let the epoxy get cured completely. That way, it will not seep into the wood.

4. By using a sealant

Using a sealant can help in sealing up the wood. That way, we can avoid any form of bleeding happening.

5. By using a top coat

A clear coat, mainly a topcoat, is placed after the wood has been built with multiple layers of stain or paint. It is the best defense against epoxy bleeding out.

6. By using lacquer

Another way is to seal the wood by spraying on a coat of lacquer to stop the epoxy from bleeding into the wood. Additionally, apply a layer of wax to the wood’s surface to make it simpler to remove any leftover epoxy.

Can epoxy stick to damp wood?

The moisture content of the wood should be 12% or lower for an epoxy adhesive or solvent-free coating to stick effectively to a wood surface.

What are some applications of epoxy resin with wood?

Here are some applications of epoxy resin with wood:

  • It can be used as a floor coating, and many houses have wooden floors.
  • Epoxy resin is used on furniture like tables, chairs, garden chairs, and more to give a sleek and neat look.
  • It is also used in cutting boards.
  • For the kitchen, epoxy is used on countertops as well.


So, to sum it up, there are many ways to stop epoxy from bleeding in the wood. Here is a summarized list:

  • By putting a thick layer of epoxy.
  • By drilling holes in the wood.
  • By waiting for it to get hardened or cured.
  • By using a sealant.
  • By using a top coat.
  • By using lacquer.

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