Impact of Virtual Reality on Society

Virtual Reality, VR, is an interactive and immersive experience that is based upon computer-generated, real-time 3D graphic pictures. This advanced technology can alter our society significantly by changing interactions and perceptions. There can be an impact of virtual reality on society in many ways.

Impact of Virtual Reality on Society

Virtual reality can have negative as well as a positive impact on human society.

Positive Impact

  1. VR can help families and friends who live far away from each other by providing a virtual environment where they can interact as if they are meeting in their own home. For example, if you live in New York while your family lives in Missouri, you cannot physically meet them for months. But the interactive experience of VR can help you talk to them by virtually sitting with them. VR can provide an almost real experience where you can feel close to your loved ones despite being far away from them.

2. VR can also enhance the shopping experience. It can help buyers see e-commerce products virtually so they can make an informed decision while purchasing the items.

3. The impact of virtual reality on society will also be noticed in business. Business and their clients will be able to conduct meetings using VR even if they are far away from each other. Leaders will be able to hold meetings with their team members even if all the members are not at the same place, geographically.

4. For people who enjoy traveling, virtual reality can be a boon. There can be virtual tours of cities like San Diego before people decide to book their tickets.

Virtual Reality can help turn dreams into reality virtually.

Source: Pexel

Negative Impact

One of the worst negative impacts of virtual reality on human society will be the increase of anti-human behavior. Social media like Twitter, Facebook, and more have made people more anti-social, hence an interactive virtual reality can feel like an escape and affect human society in a worse way.

Health issues like vision degradation and seizures can become mainstream issues. An overdose of virtual reality can lead to many health problems. Socializing skills can basically become nonexistent if people get too involved with virtual reality.


Movies have often given us an insight into how our society will appear if virtual reality was advanced. Ready Player One, a book by Ernest Cline is based on a similar idea.
In this sci-fi novel, society has been broken due to overpopulation in 2045. Energy is rare and unemployment has reached a breaking point. Hence, to find happiness, people turn to a realistic and amazing VR environment which is called OASIS.

This movie asks the question why should humans spend any time in the actual world if they can live in a virtual world and travel anywhere and become anyone? Will Virtual Reality alienate humans?

Virtual reality can change human society in a huge way. It may not alter humans physically but it can impact societal interactions and perceptions.

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