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Is gift card one word?



Is gift card one word?

English is a difficult language, and because it is almost spoken everywhere in the world, we have different versions of it. This does not just mean that the accents, words, and pronunciations differentiate but also means words may be written differently.

For example, the word ‘ma’am’ is written as ‘mam’, ‘maam’, and more often ‘ma’am’. However only one of these spellings are right, i.e. ma’am

So, is it one word or two?

The word gift card is also something that is written differently all across the world. While some write it as two words, many write it as one. However, the right way of spelling the word gift card is by writing it as two different words, like ‘gift card’.

However, at the rate at which everyone in the world spells it as one word, there is a high chance ‘giftcard’, will become an accepted term across the world.

How do dictionaries spell it? One word or two?

There are many dictionaries we all follow, and all of them claim that gift cards are two separate words. Here are some examples:

  • Merriam Webster: This dictionary spells it as two different words and defines it as “a card entitling the recipient to receive goods or services of a specified value from the issuer”
  • Investopedia: This site also spells it as two words, and defines it as ” a prepaid debit card that contains a specific amount of money available for use for a variety of purchases.”
  • Collins dictionary: Here again, it is written as two words and defined as “a card of a certain value that allows you to choose an item or items of that value at that store or chain.”

As we can see, all of the well-known dictionaries spell it as two words. Furthermore, they do not state different meanings for both the words, but instead, define it as a phrase.

Why should we spell gift cards as two words and not one?

While you and your network may not follow this spelling of gift card, this is one that is followed universally. What you may often see and use may be something that is common, but unfortunately, writing it as one word is the wrong way to spell gift cards.

Whether it is for personal reasons or for professional reasons, and whether or not you are a big business or a small one, it is always important to follow universally accepted ways of writing and spelling words. Using the term gift card as one word would make people judge you based on your English or dismiss your businesses for not knowing a simple word and being ignorant of small details like spellings. You may even end up loosing opportunities because of such a small mistake that you could have corrected.

Hence, always check up the words, their meanings and their spellings if you are unsure about it.

Here is an article that shows you the use of the word gift card and how it can be used in sentences.

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