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Is LineageOS Safe?


Is LineageOS Safe?

LineageOS is a free and open-source Android-based custom ROM for smartphones, tablets, and more.

You must be wondering whether LineageOS is safe or not. This article is here to answer your questions.

Let’s get down to business.

Is LineageOS safe?

Yes, the operating system is safe.

Official LineageOS versions adhere to a Device Support Requirements charter. It guarantees that all fundamental hardware functions continue after installing LineageOS in place of the factory-installed software, making it stable.

LineageOS maintainers continue to include the device’s most recent Linux kernel updates with each monthly Android Security Bulletin. SELinux is always set to enforce official variations to seal the deal on security.

So, when downloading LineageOS from, you can be confident that it has been cryptographically signed by the official server and not by anybody else, ensuring that no outsider is interfering with builds.

How secure is LineageOS?

  • Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux), enforced by default and developed by NSA, secures the data of those using LineageOS. SELinux tightens the access to apps and services running in the background when enabled. It means malware and hacking attempts have exceedingly limited venues for hijacking processes.
  • Android phones involve network scanning and tracking the user’s GPS, which is benign as it is done without the user’s permission.
  • LineageOS also prevents signature spoofing by default. It follows a process in which checking apps for validity is disabled. In other words, under signature spoofing, apps can fake other apps. On all Android phones, apps are identified by their package name.

How private is LineageOS?

As LineageOS doesn’t come with Google apps, it prevents the background flow of information from your phone to Google’s servers. It provides strong encryption compatible with Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) and GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) cryptographic protocols.

What phones can run Lineage OS?

LineageOS supports almost 200 devices. The fastest way to check whether LineageOS supports your phone is to press CTRL + F and type in the model name in the search bar.

All major manufacturers, including Samsung, Google, Motorola, and OnePlus are on the list.

How do I put LineageOS on My Phone?

You can download LineageOS — selecting your mobile device — from the official website and then flash it using the instructions. Flashing your ROM will automatically wipe your phone’s data, so you need to back it up first. Make sure you have it backed up first.

Can I update my LineageOS?

Yes, you can. LineageOS updates work the same way as regular Android updates, accessible from the Settings menu. This is done because of OTA (Over The Air) delivery.

Why should you install LineageOS?

Benefits of using LineageOS-

  • LineageOS is there to extend your phone’s lifecycle.
  • Removes all the bloatware you never used, only to drain your phone’s storage and memory.
  • In addition to leaner performance, this privacy-oriented ROM gives you total control over every app.
  • The user will be hard-pressed to find a custom ROM with more comprehensive device support than LineageOS.
  • The problem with Google is that through Google telemetry, it stores that database for its users without permission, even the payment made on the apps, thereby transgressing into one’s privacy. Lineage Os considers user privacy a foremost priority, so the chances of storing data are comparatively less.
  • Lineage Os does not involve network scanning, too, unlike Google.

Can Lineage OS be hacked?

Unpatched network vulnerabilities are the most significant risk for any business or OS. Once when LineageOS was hacked, hackers used an unpatched vulnerability in an open-source framework provided by Saltstack, known as Salt, to exploit LineageOS. Salt is used to automate & manage servers inside cloud server setups, internal networks, or data centers.

Every OS in business is prone to the threat of being hacked, and all the companies can do is update software to avert this issue.

So, taking care of your system and following all safety is important. Safety is better than cure.


I. Is LineageOS good for gaming?

With the most significant developer team and over 190 compatible devices, LineageOS allows you to game endlessly without worrying about your security while maintaining total control of your device.

II. Which version Of LineageOS is available in the market currently?

LineageOS 19, based on Android 12, is now officially available in the market.


Thus, LineageOS is very safe and stable for its users. It can be easily used on various androids and other electronic products, thus making it user-friendly.

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