Teamwork is something we usually expect everyone around us to inherently have and hence never look at it as a value. In fact, when we introspect our behavior we all just assume that we are perfect team players. However, this may not be true. While some people are born with an inherent nature that makes them great team workers, not all of us have this value and need to make an effort to have such a value.

Employers today, do not just look for hard skills anymore but also look for soft skills and values of people, one of which is Teamwork.

What is Teamwork?

Teamwork is when a group of individuals makes a collaborative effort to meet an outcome. Each member in the group will be a performer, is a part of decision making, and contributes equally to the fulfillment of their goal.

Why do we need teamwork?

As we grow professionally and personally, we all come to realize that everyone is specialized in a certain domain. Many times it is the expertise of different domains that are required to complete a project. This means someone from the technology department and someone from the HR department may have to work together, which may not be easy as they both have different ways of working because one works with people while the other works with computers.

Here is a video that illustrates the importance of teamwork in organizations.

Is Teamwork difficult?

Yes, having the ability to work in a team is something that is difficult for many. This is because:

  • You need to be a good listener and allow others to bring their point of view yet at the same time express yours.
  • You will need to coordinate and collaborate amongst a diverse group of people
  • You will need to be patient as everyone has their own pace and style of working
  • While you may be comfortable working in a group, not everyone is productive in a group, and you need to be considerate of such people
  • The credit of the work you do will be shared by everyone, and not everyone is comfortable with that as they often feel they deserve more credit than they get.

Thus, teamwork is not something that you can just assume you have, as you have to work around people and their different work styles to become a team player. It is the difficulty in having all of the above-mentioned abilities that make teamwork a value.

So, is teamwork a value?

Well, of course, teamwork is a value and is a soft skill many employers look for in their employees. Being a team worker or a team player is not easy no matter who you are. You will have to compromise, adjust, be respectful, be assertive yet at the same time not be dominant, and all of this is not easy for everyone to be.

Hence, everyone, today must work towards becoming a better team player as if not now, you will be required to work in a team at some point in your life, and if you are not prepared to be one, you will have a tough time at work as well as in your personal life.

If you are an employer reading this, teamwork is definitely something you should screen for during your recruitment process. If you are an employer also looking for measurable goals for your employees. Here is an article that can help you with it.

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