Magic Hand of Hector Said To Be Launch in 2015

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The challenge is daring: Find a school in Barcelona, ​​where they teach how to steal Yes, you have read that correctly, to appropriate what is foreign; like the wallet, the mobile, and in case the unwary is provided with a watch, glasses, tie and belt, too.

Where is the trick? At the Escuela de Magia 3 de Trébol, in the Hostafrancs neighborhood, during the pickpocket workshop that Héctor Mancha will give , one of the Spanish illusionists with the most international recognition and projection.

The pickpocket is a type of artistic technique that consists of robbing the spectators without them noticing. Even warning them before, the magician manages to extract objects from them that he then returns, leaving the audience stunned.

This canary, who has been living in Madrid for more than two decades, confesses without shame that stealing is that he was doing it on the beach in Las Palmas, but not out of necessity but for fun. “On Sunday mornings I would go with my friends to Avenida Marítima, in Las Canteras.

There were always groups of drunks there who bathed naked, always. They left their clothes on the sand and bathed. We would sneak up on them, grab our wallets and run away ”.

At the age of eight he began to be interested in magic and joined an association of magicians and amateurs in his city, “all of them adults, very suspicious of sharing their tricks and from whom I barely learned.”

Once installed in Madrid, at the age of seventeen, his learning was easier and faster, surrounding himself with brilliant teachers and friends.

Despite his successes and being one of the most sought-after artists, he has never wanted to be a professional, in fact, he is a firefighter in Madrid. “It is the path I chose when I finished high school. From the years of oppositions I have remained competitive. That spirit accompanies me when I present myself to contests. Curiously, I went to the 2015 World Cup the calmest.

I went out to have fun, to enjoy myself, knowing that three months later I would be the father of a girl And without nerves or pressure, I won it.

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