Master Mason: Details of Being A Master Mason

Freemasons or Masons refers to those men who have joined the fraternity organization. A fraternity organization is a society, a fraternal order consisting of male members for secular aims. Fraternity as a concept was developed primarily due to Christianity and the special religious orders of the Catholic Church during the middle ages.

Masonry and Masons

Freemasons or Masons have been linked with many conspiracy theories over the years. Masonry is not a religion, but a belief that religion complements faith and confirms its presence. Masons primarily believe in the power of the supreme being, and they have stringent rules regarding admitting women in the order and the discussion of politics and religions in society. The main principles of their fraternity are to show respect, kindness, and tolerance towards each other and their communities. The masonic belief system has two core beliefs in their fraternity: Integrity and honor. 

Who is a Master Mason?

We have explored who is a Masonry and what it entails, let’s now see who a master mason is. The highest and the most notable degree that can be obtained in Masonry is of a Master Mason. It is also known as the Masonic Third Degree. The honor of being a master mason can only be offered via masonic lodges, and it cannot be taken as a free or paid course online.

Grades of Masons

There are three grades of Masonry that can be retained, they are, 

  1. Entered Apprentice
  2. Journeyman or Fellow Craft
  3. Master Mason. 

In the European guild system, only masters and journeymen were permitted to be members of the guild. A person who wanted to become a master mason had to go through the levels of first being an entered apprentice to a Fellowcraft, and then he would get a chance to become a master mason.

When a candidate goes through all these levels of being a master mason, he is exposed to new arenas of responsibilities, including new obligations of the degree and entrustment with secret knowledge, including passwords, signs, and grips (secret handshakes) confined to his new rank. The degree of Master Mason gives a freemason freedom to explore different degrees like Blue Lodge etc.

Being a Master Mason

A Master Mason is a full-time member of the Lodge. A Master Mason gets a lot of responsibilities when he becomes a Master Mason. He gets access to the Masonic Ring, which is a symbol of the Masonic Brotherhood. This ring symbolizes your commitment and responsibilities towards your brotherhood and fraternity to your creator.

 A Master Mason’s rights and privileges are described in principle and spirit rather than in detail. Beyond all specific duties, rights, and licenses exist a region in which all are mingled together. The whole domain of Masonry’s teachings exist in its ritual and symbols, its history, its ideals of jurisprudence, its philosophy, its literature, the entire Royal Art. A Master Mason can resign from his duties if he desires to, but only after attaining good standing and paying his dues.

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