Why Do Mobile Games Have So Many Ads

Are you wondering why do mobile games have so many ads? well, they are monetized now. Most ad networks can earn a lot of revenue through advertisements. However, they have a limit as to how much money they can earn as advertisers from particular modes. Hence many ad networks advertise their services and products on smartphone games.

Users nowadays are very savvy and use strong adblockers and are very careful about online privacy and hence avoid installing a lot of things on their phones. Ad networks are trying their best to show ads anywhere and everywhere on phones to earn money through the mobile game sector.

Ad networks cannot earn money if users employ strong adblockers. But they are trying by coming up with interesting ways to show ads. Ads will reduce if you use better adblockers. However, most players do not use adblockers while playing games.

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Why Do Mobile Games Have So Many Ads?

Ad Networks make money when players watch the advertisements. Ad networks do not need to do anything except buy advertisements in games to earn money. A player has no choice but to watch the advertisement if they wish to play the game. For example, most games have a compulsory time limit on the advertisement and players have to watch it for 5 to 15 seconds which is enough for the network to make money. Players of free games, especially have to endure many ads to be able to play the game for free. The developers also make money by selling advertisements through free games so they can earn and still make the game available for free. Players are a guaranteed audience since they may not want to watch the ads, but they cannot avoid or cancel them either.

Mobile games also have ads to promote services or other apps that are new in the market and are similar to the game you may be playing. Mobile games often reach a wide audience and it is a great mode of advertisement. Ad makers believe that for example, someone who plays a board game like Monopoly will enjoy some other things that are similar to the game and hence can be targeted for other games and services.

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How to Avoid Mobile Game Ads

There are some ways through which players can avoid mobile game advertisements. These methods are not easy but they are available.
Players can block the ads in all their mobile games so they do not have to see any advertisements. An adblocker can be used in the phone or browser to block any mobile game ads. You do not have to link the adblocker to the games to use them. As long as the adblocker is installed in the phone or browser, it will block all ads in the games as well.
This way you can enjoy an interrupted game without pop-up advertisements or any mobile game advertisements.

We hope we have answered your question about why do mobile games have so many ads.

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