Is Moneygram A Money Order?

A corporation called MoneyGram provides international money transfer services. The corporation is situated in the United States of America, and Dallas, Texas, serves as its corporate headquarters. Both people and companies can use the company’s services globally. Currently, the corporation serves tens of millions of consumers globally through its nearly 350,000 branches in more than 200 countries.

Money can be sent across international borders easily, quickly, reliably, and safely via the MoneyGram system.

Tools and Services Online

As the globe quickly transitions to the usage of online transaction procedures, MoneyGram provides a variety of services and facilities online. The business’s internet site offers the following services:

Finding a MoneyGram agent nearby is easier with the locater tool’s help. People can efficiently utilize this tool to locate the nearest MoneyGram agent, who can be contacted for a fast money transfer or receipt, as MoneyGram is available worldwide. A user’s location (address, city, or PIN Code) is required, and the tool then displays all the close-by agent locations.

How Similar Is Moneygram To Money Order?

MoneyGram functions similarly to money orders. However, they are processed significantly faster.

Typically, it takes 10 minutes for the recipient to get the monies you send. Traditional money orders, like those obtained from the postal office, may take several days to reach their destination.

How To Use Moneygram?

A money order from MoneyGram can be placed into your bank or credit union account or redeemed at various check-cashing establishments. Money orders can be cashed at several locations, each of which has its own rules and may impose a cost. ID is typically required to cash a money order at check cashing locations.

If possible, you should cash a money order directly with the sender rather than taking it to your bank (for example, Western Union, Moneygram, Walmart, or USPS). Keep in mind that a money order can be deposited into a checking account instead of having to be cashed.


1. Which documents qualify as money orders?

A paper instrument called a money order used as payment is comparable to a check. The usual method of purchasing it is to prepay the money order’s face value in cash or another type of secure payment.

2. How can I check a money order sent by MoneyGram?

It is slightly simpler to track a MoneyGram money order. Use the MoneyGram online form or contact MoneyGram’s customer service department at 1-800-926-9400. To determine whether the money order has been cashed, you’ll need to enter the exact amount and your money order number into the system.


Money transfers are made simple through MoneyGram’s website, app, and kiosks. Their technological advances make transactions dependable and convenient. MoneyGram offers a variety of ways to transfer and receive money, and through MoneyGram MyWay, you can choose the service or item that best meets your needs.

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