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Writing A Motivational Speech For Grade 11 Students

Motivational speech for grade 11 students


Writing A Motivational Speech For Grade 11 Students

As they progress, grade 11 students face a lot of challenges. This is the period where they are transforming into adults. Peer pressure, deciding which university to join, figuring out their path, education, etc., can be daunting for these youngsters. It is crucial to motivate them and let them know they are not alone in this journey.

This article will help frame a motivational speech that moves the students. Let’s kickstart!

Framing Of The Motivational Speech

Here are some tips that you can follow:

I. Understanding The Students

Knowing the students you are addressing can help, and this involves understanding their mindset, problems, and what they consider essential.

Learn about the current generation of 11th graders and what is important to them. Be a friend to them they’d seek advice from.

II. Don’t turn it into a lecture

Keep it casual and be more approachable to the audience. Quote living examples, conduct a social experiment, and share your experiences. Keep it short, sweet, and impactful. Youngsters have a short attention span.

III. Use their language

Whether it is the words or tone you use, ensure that the students can relate. Avoid using complex words or phrases; instead, try using trendy ones. Do not go overboard.

IV. Share the importance of not quitting, failures and successes.

Be realistic and honest with them. Share stories of failure, struggle and success. You can add a story at the beginning of the speech or wherever you like.

Sample Speech

As a take-off point, check out the sample motivational speech for grade 11 students below:

Hello all,

I know it must be daunting to manage sports, completing academics, maintaining a social life, and have your life goals sorted out. It is natural to look at the most successful people in the world and wonder how on Earth they got there. While some famous icons knew what they wanted to do and succeeded early on, others made a longer, more complex journey to get to that point. Though every person has a unique path to success, there are some vital factors on which everyone agrees.

Let me share the secret ingredient that a 11th grader like you needs:

1. Always complete things. Yes, you heard me right. It is crucial to finish what you started- a race, an internship, climbing a hill or something as simple as finishing your homework. Today you will feel like a cat stuck in a yarn but trust me, as you unravel every thread, you eventually come out of it.

2. Secondly, you will fail. As scary as it sounds, you will fail today or tomorrow. It is entirely okay to fail. Being the epitome of perfectionism will not teach you the necessary lessons than failure. It is the greatest teacher who imparts the best lessons in life. And how does this teacher test you? By checking how well you learn and come out of it.

3. Sometimes, what everyone is doing may not be for you. You are sitting in a classroom filled with future lawyers, doctors, engineers, scientists and many great professionals. But, your heart will crave something else…maybe paintbrushes, a pen, possibly books, and there is no shame in that. Stop listening to what society says about your career goals and choose what your heart wants. There will also be setbacks with the path you choose, but remember, smooth seas never made skilled sailors.

4. You are your real competitor, not others. Everyone in this room has a different story and a different journey. Can we compare the beauty of a rose to the moon? Can you tell me which is more beautiful? It is a fool’s task to compare two eternally beautiful objects in the universe. Each person is beautiful in their own ways. Focus on refining yourself and learning from your past mistakes.

5. Believe me when I say this, education will save your life. I am not talking about getting excellent grades but about getting educated. Your grades are directly proportional to how prepared you are, but education, understanding everything in-depth, sharpening your concepts, and why things are the way they are will take you a long way. Keep being curious. Ask questions and look for answers.

6. Lastly, believe in yourself. You have fought battles, small and big, and you can still handle whatever life throws at you. Be your own cheerleader, and never stop believing in yourself. If Jim didn’t believe in himself, we wouldn’t have the world’s funniest actor, Jim Carrey. Think about it.

Real success demands passion, commitment, persistence, hunger, and patience. Whatever path you choose demands these five elements.

[Add a motivational story and impart the lesson]

With this, I am grateful for being invited here. Thank you, everyone.


Remember all the key points, and the students will cheer you for them. Put yourself in their place and say all the things you’d tell your 11th-grader self.

Here is a sample video by Jay Shetty that can help you write a speech and give you an idea of how to go about it

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