MTN Cheap Data Plans- 2022

People across the globe love to subscribe to cheap data plans and packages so that they can have a fantastic browsing experience without spending a lot of money.

Therefore, this post will inform you about MTN’s cheapest data plans. 

The cheapest data plans from MTN:

Save money by opting for the below data plans by MTN:

MTN offers data plans in the following validity packs:

  • Daily plans
  • Two days plans
  • Three days plans
  • Weekly plans
  • Monthly plans
  • Two months plans
  • Three months plans
  • Six months plans
  • Annual plans
Data offered
₦ 300
1 GB
24 hrs
₦ 300
350 MB
7 days
₦ 500
1.5 GB
7 days
₦ 500
2 GB
48 hrs
₦ 50
40 MB
24 hrs
₦ 100
100 MB
24 hrs
₦ 200
200 MB
3 days
₦ 300
1 GB
24 hrs
₦ 500
2 GB
2 days

How to Enable MTN Web Surfing?

Any internet-enabled cell phone, internet broadband, or router can connect to MTN’s network.

You may surf the web right on your mobile or connect your computer or laptop to the net through a data connection, USB, or Bluetooth.

If you purchase a new cellphone and a new MTN SIM card, you need to start configuring the browser settings. 

The steps for configuring your browser to enable web surfing are as follows:

  1. Text SETTINGS to 3888 from your MTN line
  2. You will get your 4G, 3G, 3.5G, or even 2G GPRS configuration as a reply within 2 minutes.
  3. Click the install option on the message, and you are good to go!

About MTN Group:

MTN Group Limited, initially M-Cell, is a global telecommunication services business based in South Africa. The company delivers a wide variety of voice, data, digital, financial, wholesale, and business services to millions of consumers. The company is driven by the notion that everybody should get the advantages of contemporary innovative technology.

They think that networking and connectivity are critical to socioeconomic emancipation. MTN acknowledges that many nations where the company operates frequently have scarce resources to utilize. Therefore, they ensure that they can continue supplying telecommunications services with minimal environmental effects.

The company is functional in several African and Asian nations. The company’s headquarters are in Johannesburg. MTN surpassed 280 million users as of December 2020, ranking it the world’s eighth-largest mobile network provider and Africa’s most prominent telecom company. With a presence in over 20 regions, the organization generates one-third of its sales in Nigeria, with a 35 percent market share.


MTN has a fantastic range of data plans for its customers in African and Asian nations. You can take any of their Data plans at any time and enjoy seamless internet browsing.

To know more about the data plans of MTN, click here.

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