Students Denounce Abuses Committed In A Prestigious French Theater School

“Take off your masks, assume your responsibility.” “No means no. The shame”. “Your word is legitimate.” “Tomorrow’s scene will be healthy or it won’t be.” Under these slogans, several dozen students from the prestigious Cours Florent theater school in Paris staged a sit-in on Monday to denounce the ” silence ” of their leadership in the face of the sexual violence that occurred inside.

It is not the first time that the students of this private school of dramatic art denounce the silence of their superiors in the face of “attacks, discrimination and systemic humiliations.” The association Les Callistos, created to denounce violence in theater schools, published a forum last November pointing out the laissez-faire that would reign within its walls.

“We denounce his silence in the face of complaints of aggressions within his establishment,” the organization writes, ensuring that after reporting “the rape of a classmate by one of his teachers,” the management “replied that his attacker felt bad I was very sad ”. The association recalls that “denying [the] traumatic experiences ” contributes to ” redoubling the violence ” suffered by its victims.

A brutal pedagogical system
A pedagogical system based on ” brutality ” would also be added to these experiences . According to the association, the artistic learning promoted by the academy would be based on “the dangerous idea that to be a good actor you have to be broken ” and for this “all means are legitimate”: “humiliating behaviors”, “control”, ” assaults ”and“ sexual violence ”.

The mobilization on Monday focused on exactly the same accusations. The diffusion of the tribune denouncing the drifts of the school would not have had any effect. In response to the protest of its students, the center published a statement through social networks stating that “the fight against bullying is also [its] fight.”

The management claims to “fight daily against any form of harassment” and stresses that “they have nothing to hide.” Of course, he deplores “everything that does not respond to a constructive dialogue .”

The prestige of the school, through which international stars such as Sophie Marceau , Vincent Lindon, Diane Kruger or Eva Green passed , hangs by a thread. The strength of #MeToo could shake its foundations, as happened a few weeks ago within the schools of the political elite .

The Instagram account “ Paye ton rôle ” [“Paga du papel”] gathers more than 300 testimonies from students denouncing the abuses and attacks they suffered within different schools of drama. The drifts of the Cours Florent would be nothing more than the tip of an immense iceberg.

New sex scandal in the political arena
Calendar coincidences and one more proof of the force of the liberation of the word: the French press revealed this Monday that Jean-Michel Baylet , former president of the Radical Left Party (PRG) and former minister during the presidencies of François Mitterrand and François Hollande , was interrogated on February 25 in the framework of an investigation for rape and sexual assaults against a minor.

The Juvenile Protection Brigade is in charge of carrying out the investigation against Baylet, currently the head of the press group La Dépêche du Midi. The former minister would answer all the accusations that, according to the AFP, would concern facts already prescribed.

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