President Fernández Accuses Previous Argentine Government Of Embezzlement

The current president affirms that during the administration of his predecessor, Mauricio Macri, 44,000 million dollars evaporated.

The opposition harshly criticizes the management of the pandemic and the ‘vaccinate’ case for which the Minister of Health has resigned.

Alberto Fernández has decided to go on the offensive and, after going through an unexpected political storm, has accused his predecessor, Mauricio Macri , of the “greatest embezzlement of funds that our memory remembers”, by indebting Argentina with 44,000 million dollars that is “They have evaporated.”

The president has opened the annual sessions of the Legislative Assembly on a war footing, with an opposition trying to pull him against the ropes for his management of a pandemic that has killed 52,000 people and infected more than two million .

The president has recognized the slowness with which vaccines arrive, which have already immunized more than a million Argentines. He has also alluded to the so-called ‘ vaccinate’ that has benefited almost a hundred leaders and relatives, and that has forced the resignation of the Minister of Health, Gines González García.

” I took the decisions that corresponded “, has said in this regard. However, Fernández recalled that when he took office in December 2019, he found a “broken health system that allowed vaccines to expire and allowed the spread of diseases that we believed had been overcome.” Despite these circumstances, he stressed, no hospital has collapsed in these months of the spread of the virus.

But, without a doubt, the most flamboyant moment of his intervention has been when he has referred to the foreign debt. Fernández has urged that a ” criminal complaint ” be opened against those responsible for an alleged “fraudulent administration” carried out by the previous government.

He has specified that in 2018 Argentina went through a deep financial crisis that increased the levels of poverty, indigence and unemployment. So Macri “requested the largest loan in the history of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) .”

Argentina went into debt to “favor” his re-election, at the cost of ” the most astonishing flight of foreign currency that our country registers.” It did so “with total irresponsibility and behind the back of this Congress.”

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Argentina last year reached an agreement with private creditors to exchange 66.3 billion dollars of securities issued abroad. It obtained a reduction of the weight of the debt of 30,000 million dollars in principal and interests and four years of grace, to begin to pay in 2024.

At the moment it negotiates a new postponement with the IMF. “Now we are the ones who are going to get rid of the debt that others have taken on,” he added. ” The president is lying ,” the opposition deputy, Fernando Iglesias, replied from Twitter.

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