Iraq Passes Law To Protect Yazidi Women Kidnapped By IS

The Iraqi Parliament on Monday approved a law to protect the women of the Yazidi minority who were kidnapped and raped by the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) in 2014, a historic step to compensate economically, with rehabilitation and through justice to the victims.

The text approved by Parliament establishes the creation of a rehabilitation and care center in the province of Nineveh (northern Iraq) for all those victims of kidnapping and rape by members of the Islamic State, and will be in charge of guaranteeing education , health and psychological treatment.

This center will conduct a census to ensure that all women from this ancestral community affected by genocide and violence receive treatment for psychological, social and professional rehabilitation, as well as accommodation for the more than 300,000 displaced people in the Sinyar region. , where is this ethnic group.

The Iraqi authorities will also work to regularize the legal situation of the children of mothers who were raped by jihadists, who have been in a legal vacuum since 2014 and face great rejection by the community. In this sense, the Iraqi Government will grant a monthly pension to the mothers who are victims of the Islamic State.

They will not prescribe their charges

Likewise, the text indicates that those responsible for “kidnapping and rape of Yazidis” may not be pardoned in any way and their charges will not prescribe, in the same way that the judicial authorities undertake to “continue with the arrests of those guilty of the crimes. against Yazidis “.

Following the approval of the law, Iraqi President Barham Saleh – who was the promoter of the project two years ago – has said on Twitter that it represents “a victory for the victims of our daughters who have been the targets of the most brutal violations and crimes of genocide by the Islamic State. ”

For her part, the Yazidi activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2018, Nadia Murad, has assured on Twitter that this law is “an important first step in recognizing the gender traumas of sexual violence.”

This ancient and tiny religious community originally from Iraq was brutally persecuted by the terrorist group Islamic State (IS) when it stormed and conquered large areas of the north of the country in mid-2014.

In August of that year and within a few days, some 5,000 men were killed, about 7,000 women and children abducted, and a total of 300,000 displaced from their homes in the Sinyar region, the birthplace of the Yazidis.

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