Pablo Motos Excitedly Remembers Enrique San Francisco

Pablo Motos began El hormiguero with an emotional memory of his friend Enrique San Francisco , who died this Monday at age 65 due to necrotizing pneumonia, for which he had been admitted to the hospital for several weeks .

” This afternoon my friend Enrique San Francisco died and I want to talk about him . He taught me to be on stage, to survive in Madrid, to understand artists and to what extent a person can be free. have a schedule, obey your boss or not. If you don’t feel like it, no, Enrique didn’t feel like it anymore. And since he was free, he chose to live on the wild side of life “, commented Motos about the actor.

And he went on to say that ” those of us who were close to him were never bored . Sometimes he had no money, sometimes they took away the electricity, sometimes he got into trouble, but if you asked him how he was doing, he always said fine.”

“Enrique was a genius and a wise man. There was a time we would meet at his house to drink beer and play the Xbox and, suddenly, when we were playing and it got funny he would tell some jokes … infinitely better than the ones we wrote him for The Comedy Club, “he recalled.

“One day, after one of those brutal jokes, I told him: ‘Quique, if you worked …'” and he replied: ‘Don’t say atrocious …’ “He was the best and we hardly ever spoke seriously because he I avoided it “, affirmed the presenter

Pablo Motos, in ‘El hormiguero’Pablo Motos, in ‘El hormiguero’ATRESMEDIA
But “one day when he was screwing around a lot against himself, I asked him if he didn’t realize that it was going to end fatally and he replied: ‘That won’t happen, because whenever you’re desperate, a good person appears and helps you .”

Another of the memories that Motos had about his friend was that “Enrique’s house was always full of people, sometimes very doubtful and very dangerous. But he always told me that he had to meet people from all over, that he didn’t need to have a ship like me, just have a friend with a ship . ”

” Money was not his strong suit either . Once they gave him a very strong compensation because they ran over him, destroyed his leg and put 17 nails on him. I told him to take advantage of it to pay the debts, organize and have the money in the bank, ” he said. the Valencian.,

And he added: ” But he told me that if they paid him 100 million, he would spend 110 , and his father, who was next to him, replied: ‘Very well said, son'”, causing laughter on the set of the program of Antenna 3 .

Excited, Motos continued talking about the actor: ” We all loved Enrique because he made you feel a weakness for him and that way he would come in and steal your heart forever . He was noble, a good person, supportive and very brave. In front of him you never committed An injustice. He didn’t care about losing his job or getting into a fight. No one ever committed an injustice in his presence because he was also a hero. ”

” Being an actor is difficult, but being a legend like him takes a lifetime . During all these years I have not met anyone who has crossed paths with Enrique for five minutes and does not tell you an amazing story afterwards,” said the presenter.

To conclude his monologue in memory of his friend, Motos affirmed that “while there are other actors who are awarded prizes, a Goya or an Oscar, life gave Enrique freedom, adventure, an indestructible body and spirit .”

“He has left with that elegance that was always his signature. We will all remember him with the most impressive image of this Christmas, Enrique, with his cape and his scythe laughing at death. Surely that was his last mischief, ” recalled the Valencian, visibly excited.

After taking a breath, Motos asked the spectators: ” Do you know what he liked the most in the world? Have fun, and that is what we are going to do tonight to honor his memory, to pay him the tribute he deserves and how he does it. I would like us to do it. “

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