Cinderella travels 1950 Dreams Of City USA

La Ventafocs, Cinderella in Spanish, is one of the most famous fairy tales in history. Its origin, surprisingly, comes from China, despite the fact that it is deeply rooted in different cultures and the best known versions are those of Charles Perrault and that of the Grimm brothers, although what definitely popularized it was the film adaptation of Walt Disney and also it has inspired operas, ballets, and plays.

After so many centuries with this story, it is logical that there are re-readings and one of the most original was devised ten years ago by the company La Roda Produccions (Aladdin, #thepopmusical) ,in a musical key, and transferring the action to the 50s in the United States.

To celebrate this decade in which it has toured all over Catalonia and Spain (in its Spanish version), it returns to the Jove Teatre Regina, only until April 2.

On the stage we see in the background three large screens that will be used for the projections and various elements such as stairs or chairs and tables that will appear in the different scenes.

The initial number is quite a declaration of intentions, Benvinguts al 1959 , performed by the entire company that seems to be taken from the musical Hairspray, with which it also shares its vitality and its colorful and varied wardrobe . At the same time, a radio announcer will give information throughout the work of the most outstanding events of that year.

The following scene is set in the class where they celebrate the arrival of a new student, Sam (Roger Sahuquillo), while one of the girls, Anne (Anna Cartoixà) arrives late and is reprimanded by the teacher (Jordi González, who will also give life to stepmother).

In the classroom there are also the two insufferable stepsisters of the young woman , Mery (Alicia Olivé) and Peggy (Délia Benito), and the most outgoing boy of the group, Scott (Guillem Martí) and together they celebrate the beginning of the course with Comença l ‘ institut.

The crush between Sam and Anne, will come with the Romanesque Ventafocs in love, shortly before the announcer remembers the arrival of color television, Disney movies or musicals by Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly. The next set will be Yesterday, a classic American diner , a restaurant run by the stepmother and where Anne exploits working, who also takes care of the housework and makes fun of the girl singing Reines elegants .

In parallel, her unbearable stepsisters brag about being able to go to a Little Richard concert while she has to stay there.

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