Not sure How to create a Business Card

A business card is a multipurpose business tool that can be used for promotion, branding, networking, and of course, sharing contact information. That’s why 10 billion business cards are printed annually.

The business card is your clients’ first contact point; hence, every business should consider having a nicely designed business card. If you have a business card, you can share it with anyone who comes in contact with you to introduce your business. 

You can design your business card online pretty quickly; however, if you are unsure how to create a business card. Here are 5 things that will get you started.

  1. Choose a theme

When it comes to business cards, theme selection is the most important part. The theme should match your business and brand’s personality. So, when handing out the card, a person can guess what kind of business you’re running and what kind of a person you are.

A business card with a plain white background with black text looks formal. Generally, lawyers use these kinds of themes. But if you’re a graphics designer, you will want to use colorful graphics and texture backgrounds to express your thoughts to other people.

  1. Design a logo

A logo is crucial, not only for a business card but for the whole brand. When people look at your card, the first thing they look at is your logo. And when they visit your website, they again look at the logo to confirm if they’ve landed on the correct site.

The human brain can remember visuals more effectively than text. Therefore, the logo should be simple and memorable. Also, the logo shouldn’t be too small or too large. 

Do not act lazy and carefully place the logo on the business card. The placement of the logo is also important. Decide where you want to keep it. Before the brand name? Above it? Or in the middle?

  1. Add the graphics

After deciding on the theme and being ready with the logo, it’s time to add the graphics and give a design to the card. You can easily design visiting cards online in minutes with simple drag and drop of pre-made templates.

When designing a business card for your business, you should have both physical as well as digital cards. You can hand out physical cards to your customers personally, but digital cards can be shared online with people far away from you through social media, emails, and other online means.

  1. Choose the typeface

Having a specific typeface on the visiting card shows what kind of business you are in. It says a lot about your business. Hence you can’t just use any random ones. 

Some widely used fonts, such as Open Sans, Verdana, Arial, etc., are safe to use, but if you take some time and choose a specific typeface that matches the brand’s image, that would be awesome.

A lawyer or a journalist will want to use fonts that look formal, such as Times New Roman or Arial. On the other hand, an artist, designer, or babysitter can use casual and funky-looking fonts.

  1. Add the contact details and other text.

Add the necessary details to the business card. This includes all the standard information of your company, such as company name, your name, job title, phone number, and email address. Additionally, add website URL, social media handles, google map location, and anything else required for your business to promote. 

In a digital business card, adding the above details is easy. While in the case of physical cards, you can add a QR code.

After adding all the necessary details for the customer to contact you, add some text that does branding for your business. You can write a slogan that inspires people to take action. For example, “Don’t wait for the right opportunity; create it.”


A business card is more than just sharing your contact information. A business card represents your brand to the public. When sharing your business card with the customers, remember your competitors are also doing the same thing. Therefore, don’t be lazy. Put some time and effort into designing a business card that stands out from the crowd.

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