Lithium-ion battery Manufacturers listed in NSE

According to Variant Market Research’s recent study, the India Lithium-Ion Battery Industry is expected to hit $5,022 million by 2024. Lithium-ion batteries, often known as Li-ion batteries, are rechargeable batteries with a greater power capacity that are commonly found in consumer gadgets. 

Due to their growing employment in smartphones, digital cameras, tablets/PCs, and power tools, the demand for these batteries is likely to rise significantly. Furthermore, with the increasing preference for electric cars, the need for Li-ion batteries in the automotive sector is predicted to grow.

Therefore, here is the list of lithium-ion battery manufacturers listed in NSE for future investment opportunities.

Lithium-ion battery manufacturers listed in NSE:

1. Exide Industries:

Exide has been one of India’s top dependable companies for almost six decades, with an unbeatable track record. They are clearly leading in the lead-acid storage battery market, including both automotive and industrial purposes. 

Their continual focus on development, large geographic presence, positive ties with prominent clients, and consistent technological advancements have provided them a competitive edge. Exide Industries announced its entry into the Lithium-ion batteries field on 27th June 2018 in a joint venture with Leclanché SA.

2. Amara Raja Battery:

Amara Raja is one of India’s most prominent business empires, with activities ranging from lead-acid battery manufacturing to real estate development (AMARON brand). Amara Raja Batteries Limited, the flagship firm of the Amara Raja Group of enterprises, is among India’s foremost producers of automotive and industrial batteries. Amara Raja has a commercial footprint in more than 32 nations and is on a journey to engulf the globe across borders with a broad range of products.

3. HBL Power Systems: 

HBL Power Systems Ltd is a publicly listed company that has been in operation since 1977. The company specializes in engineered goods and services. Industrial electronics, defense electronics, and railway electronic signaling are just a few of the new industries and sectors where the firm’s batteries are used.

The current expansion has resulted in new operations in precision production, spun reinforced concrete, and ‘eco-friendly’ technological goods, all of which are based on the company’s technological prowess.

4. Okaya batteries:

For decades, OKAYA has been a mark of loyalty and excellence as a leader in the battery production sector. Okaya is recognized for offering a broad array of batteries to fulfill a variety of consumer power needs. Tubular Batteries- Inverter Batteries and Solar Batteries, SMF Batteries, E-Rickshaw Batteries, Lithium and EV Charging Solutions are just a few of the many battery types available. Okaya batteries are:

  • Environment friendly 
  • Dependable
  • Durable
  • Counted on for reliable backups

5. Indo-National limited:

The JSW Group is a $13 billion major conglomerate renowned as a “strategic first mover” throughout the nation. Steel, energy, cement, infrastructure, ventures, paints, and sports are among the JSW Group’s work areas. JSW Energy is the company’s flagship. 

It is one of India’s premier energy firms, combining methodologies in structured planning, cutting-edge procedures, and social, economic, and environmental advantages. The corporation now has a footprint in various states of the country, as well as holdings in South African natural resource firms.

These are some of the lithium-ion battery manufacturers listed in NSE.

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