Is It Good or Bad to Be Optimistic?

People who have a highly positive attitude towards life are often tagged as being dreamy and non-realistic. Because of their trusting and optimistic nature they may face some troubles and get hurt.

Do you fall in this category of people and think all that happens in life is for the good. But when you inadvertently get hurt do you wonder, is being optimistic a strength or not? When in trouble have you being taunted ‘so much for being optimistic.” After all the hardships inspite of being positive, do you wonder is optimism good?

Well, let us look at the positive and uplifting effects of optimism.

Brighter aspects of Optimism:

1. Is optimism good for curing depression?

  • Yeah, it definitely is. In fact, optimists hardly relapse even after being in or having faced dreadful situations in life.
  • Optimism is accompanied by hope and confidence that helps you achieve a better control over the steering wheel of your life.

2. Why do optimists stay relatively happier than pessimists?

  • Do you really wish to find out whether it good to be optimistic? Then recall the number of times you have been happy in anticipation of something good happening because of your positive attitude. This helped you in staying determined and to make way through obstacles for the final positive result.

3. Do you get rid of negative emotions?

  • Yes, certainly. Lesser the negative emotions healthier is the mindset for maintaining a cheerful life and relationships at workplace or home.
  • Ego and envy obstruct your mental freedom and constraints your growth as a human being. But, optimism eliminates these hitches and smoothens your road to success in any endeavor of life. You can be at peace with yourself no matter what and thus, end up in a win-win situation under any circumstance.

4. Is being optimistic bad or good for health?

  • Looking at this present pandemic situation where natural immunity is the ultimate and only protection, optimism needs to be incorporated in your thinking pattern.
  • Researches by Harvard students have shown that the pessimists visit doctors at a much higher frequency especially for infectious diseases, like breast cancer in the case of women.
  • Healthy diet paired with positive thoughts will help you keep off from the contagious COVID-19 & all other illnesses.

Is it better to be optimistic or pessimistic?

  • Optimism helps you to look away from the shortcomings of an incident or task and enables us to anticipate the good.
  • Your positivity drives you to learn from the present setbacks instead of breaking down and lamenting over them. This results in improvement and success as you move from one assignment to another and not get struck with one failure.
  • It is always better to be an optimist for most situations in life.
  • But, pessimism often helps to prepare for the worst in life and take action.

Negative Effects of Optimism that May Arise if it is Stretched beyond Limits

As you know that too much of even a good quality can pose harm to the practicalities of your daily life. You might even land up on the question- is it good to be optimistic after all?

Let us look at the negative effects of optimism or should we say blind optimism.

1. Ignorant

Always thinking about getting a positive outcome in any situation causes you to ignore the possible risks before making a decision or executing a task.


It is thus critical to avoid being over-confidant and impractical.

2. Complacent & Lazy

Optimists can get complacent and lazy as you are sure something good will happen no matter what. You are sure that even if you don’t study you know it all and will certainly excel in your examination.


Channel your optimism, keep yourself in check and not get complacent. Expect the best but also work for it.

3. Be insensitive & Hurt others sentiments

Being overtly optimistic in all situations can make you a social pariah. Too much optimism makes an unsympathetic impression over those around you going through troubled times since you try to wash out their emotions with your instructions of positivity. For example, if you friend has just lost his wife and you go up to him and say, ‘may be it was for the best after all she was a crochety and there are lots of women for you.’ You will be labelled insensitive and lose a friend.


Keep other’s feelings in mind.

4. Ignoring the Reality and living in a perfect dream land

An out and out optimistic person will often find himself labelled as ‘living in la-la land’ or a fantasy. This is because you ignore the harsh realities. It is at times important to prepare for the worst in life. After all building a earthquake proof, fire-resistant house is predicting the worst and preparing for it. A over the top optimist will never be able to build such a house as he will be sure they will never ever affect him.


So, be careful of the line between getting dreamy and keeping it real.


The question is it better to be optimistic or pessimistic then must be going o in your head now? We;;, always keep in mind the plethora of benefits that an optimistic nature provides. So not give it up.

But, before you reach the edge and slam the door on the optimistic side of your character you must be aware of its detrimental effects beforehand and keep it in check.

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