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Power Strip vs Extension Cord


Power Strip vs Extension Cord

A power strip and an extension cord are the go-to tools for people when they require additional outlets to power electronics. When discussing electrical accessories, it is simple to interchange common items such as an extension cord and a power strip. However, both these devices are slightly different in various forms.

They may appear similar in their appearance but they have many features that do not match. Here, we shall discuss power strip vs extension cord and try and display the standard differences in both these devices.

Power Strip vs Extension Cord

Main Differences Power strip Extension cord


A power strip is defined as a device with multiple outlets and a flexible cable that plugs into a wall outlet. An electrical cable is a long, flexible cable with at least one plug on one end and a socket on the other end. 


An electrical socket and a plug with a cable connected to it. Extension cords have wires, wire insulation, and plugs with prongs, casings, and wire terminals.


Power strips provide you with extra outlets for plugging things in. Provides power to electrical appliances or devices located at a distance.

Power Strip

As the name applies, this strip is made of electrical sockets and an electrical plug and cable at the end. The power strip has been designed to power and accommodate many electrical devices that are located close to each other like devices in a game room.

Some strips also have a circuit breaker that is a precautionary measure if a power overload or a short circuit takes place. Modern power strips have a shut-off automatic feature that shuts off the strip if an appliance or device has been unused for many hours.

Extension Cord

Based on the name, you can understand what this accessory’s function is. This tool is an electrical cable that is long and has a minimum of one socket on its one end and an electrical plug on its other end. An extension cord has been made to extend an outlet of power to an electrical appliance or device that is located at a distance.

There are many forms of extension cords available and you can buy them based on your needs. Some cords are only 2 feet in length while other extension cords are over 30 feet in length.

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Where are Extension Cords and Power Strips Used?

It is simple to be confused between a power strip vs extension cord since many manufacturers design power strips with long cables that are similar to extension cords. But the vital difference between these accessories lies in their use.

  1. You will need a power strip if you wish to multiply the number of electrical outlets from one source.
  2. You will need an extension cord if you wish to stretch a power source near an appliance that is distant.

How Can You Maximize The Utilization of an Extension Cord and Power Strip

Power Strip

  1. You can use it in an entertainment rack that has many video and audio devices.
  2. You can set up a computer with a router and printer.
  3. You can permanently install multiple sockets.

Extension Cord

  1. You can use it for devices that are far from electrical outlets.
  2. You can use it as a temporary electrical outlet.
  3. You can occasionally power outdoor appliances.


Whether you utilize an extension cord or a power strip, make sure you prioritize safety. You must not overload your power strip with too many appliances and you should never make an extension cord a permanent feature.
If you know the purpose of both these accessories, then you can maximize the utilization of extension cords and power strips.

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