How To Keep The Radio On When The Car Is Off?

How To Keep The Radio On When The Car Is Off?

When you are driving a regular car with a key or are sitting on a keyless car’s driver seat, you may have some issues with certain things. For example, how to keep the radio on when the car is off? You may want to listen to the radio without keeping your engine running.

This can be done with a key car very easily. All you have to do is turn your car’s key in its slot a little and you will hear some clicks and you will be good to go. However, if you have a keyless car like some more expensive cars that do not have keys, then the process is a little different.

Keyless cars usually have a remote with a button inside the car to stop or start the engine but there are no buttons to keep the car in accessory mode.

Keyless Cars

However, if you are wondering how to keep the radio on when the car is off without a key, then follow these easy steps. You can release your foot from the car’s brake and push the start button. That will put the car in accessory mode and if you press the button again, then you will be able to switch the radio off and exit the car.

Hence, these are two simple steps to perform to keep yourself entertained with music while keeping the engine of your car shut off. You can be at a parking lot or waiting for anyone in your car and you can listen to the radio. You can switch off the engine and keep the radio on to continue listening to whatever you want to listen to.

Many people are unable to listen to their radio when they turn off the car because the engine shuts off completely which also turns off the radio. It can be annoying especially if you have an expensive car and cannot even enjoy music. Many people do not know how to keep the radio on when the car is off since keyless cars do not have a separate button for them and not everyone knows the trick with keys in cars with keys.

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Recent Car Models

Modern cars have a digital system that lets you know when you are doing something wrong. Hence, if you have a new keyless car model, you may not be able to access some features that easily, but when you can, here is what you should look for.

In modern cars, just push the stop/start button really quickly once. This way you will not start the engine but only the radio. When you quickly press the button, your car will go in accessory mode and the radio will be turned on. Now, when you want to start the engine, you can push the button again and put some pressure with your foot on the brake and then press the button again which will start the car.

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