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Best place to put Router/Extender in 2 story House: Complete guide



Best place to put Router/Extender in 2 story House: Complete guide

Old routers and extenders may be a significant source of annoyance, so check the age of your equipment first. And in most cases, modern wifi equipment also might deliver patchy connectivity as it becomes difficult when signal passes across metal and concrete. Thus, if you’re searching for the best place to put a router and extenders in a 2 story house with a basement, below are a few suggestions.

Best place to put the router in 2 story house with a basement

Following are a few suggestions to consider while choosing the best place to put wifi extender in 2 story house for getting an optimum signal.

1. Find a spot:

Consider the sorts of gadgets that need to access your router, as well as their location. Keep in mind that 2.4GHz networks are slow but cover more ground, whereas 5GHz networks are faster but cover less ground.

  • About half of the strength of your wifi connectivity descends into the ground if you install your router in the basement.
  • If you have a two-story house, the perfect spot to cover both floors is either the lower level’s ceiling or the upper level’s floor.
  • Most importantly, don’t place your wifi router behind books or in a cabinet. Without adding further obstacles, your wifi signal already works extremely hard enough to penetrate the walls and floors of your home. Out in the open is the nicest spot in the room.

2. Don’t keep it behind metal objects or thick walls:

The router emits electromagnetic waves while it is enabled and transmitting. Many substances will react with it or disrupt those waves in some way. Let’s take a peek at it.

  • Metal being a conductor loves electromagnetic waves and wishes to consume them. The wave will be blocked to a certain level if you put the router beside metal objects. 
  • Materials such as brick, stone, concrete, the plaster will have the inverse result. They will deflect the wave. This is the reason why getting a good wifi signal through the solid floors and walls of a well-built home might be challenging. 
  • If at all possible, put the router away from thick walls. Also, keep in mind that metal, stone, and other objects might interfere with your wifi connection if you don’t place it appropriately. 

3. Try to avoid keeping it near electronic devices:

  • We usually like to put all of our electronic products into one spot behind a television to keep them out of notice. 
  • Try placing your router away from the “huge stack of gadgets” behind the TV.
  • Make a separate area for the router, even if it’s a small one so that you are able to change the antennae on the router.

4. Change the direction of the antennas more frequently:

  • One possibility is to position one antenna vertically up and the other horizontally out. This will make sure that you have covered all of the angles. It could also provide wider coverage in a multi-level home.
  • If the router has one antenna, consider a 45 to 60-degree range. You may have to experiment with this option for a bit till you find the ideal coverage for your house.
  • If the router you possess doesn’t have an antenna, ensure it’s positioned correctly. Hence, if the seller instructs you to leave it standing, do so. Allow it to rest if it should be lying flat.

5. Additional brief suggestions:

  • Make sure your router isn’t exposed to bright sunlight.
  • Allow as much air circulation as feasible via your router.
  • It should be dusted on a regular basis, particularly if you have dogs.
  • Put it in a place where nothing will spill on it.

Where to place the router?

Since the basement isn’t used frequently, you should place the router either on the 1st level’s ceiling or the 2nd level’s floor. It is best if you find a center spot for the router. And of course, don’t forget to consider the above-listed tips.

Best place to put wifi extender in 2 story house

Have a look at the following points about the best place to put a wifi extender in a 2 story house.

1. Make a layout of your house:

The location of the wifi extender may influence the volume of the wifi signal you receive. As a result, you must move it about your two-story house till you discover the perfect placement for it. Make a blueprint of your house while keeping track of where your router is. Search for the lowest signals in various regions of your house.

2. Determine the ideal location:

You should try to position the wifi extender at high spots to guarantee that the two-story house obtains a stronger wifi signal. You can provide your house with better wifi coverage by mounting it towards the ceiling of the first story. You might also consider putting it on the second-level floor. This might eradicate any coverage gaps that are prevalent in the top levels of two-story homes.

Once you’ve found the ideal spot, you’ll need to find a power source that’s midway between your router and the place where you want the extender’s coverage. 

3. Use an AC extension cord: 

If you’re having trouble choosing where to put your wifi extender, an AC extension cord might assist you in figuring out where it’ll operate better. Reorient the antennae on your wifi extender to increase the wireless signal. 

4. Avoid obstacles: 

Always try to place the wifi extender away from objects that may hamper the signals. When installing a wifi extender in a two-story home, put devices like microwaves, refrigerators, monitors, and landline phones out of the way. Keeping the wifi extender distant from these items improves the possibilities of good signals being received throughout the house.

5. Take into account all necessary factors:

When installing a wifi extender in a two-story house, there are a few things to consider. Because building materials can consume wifi signals, putting the wifi extender closer to your router can improve connectivity. You may enhance the wifi signal in a two-story residence by positioning the extender and router in front or behind each other.

Where to place an extender?

Prefer placing the wifi extender at a height. Make sure the router is near the extender for the best signals. Apart from this, take the above tips into account while installing a wifi extender in a 2 story house.

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