How To Use Samsung Gear VR With Any Phone

Are you wondering how to use Samsung Gear VR with any phone? As of now, the Oculus Mobile SDK is dedicated to Samsung’s VR gear but soon it may be available for other phones and their VR hardware. As of now, the Gear VR has been designed based on software and physical construction to only work for the Galaxy Note 4. That leaves most of the Android phones stuck with Non VR gear. However, what if you could use Samsung Gear VR with other phones?

You can use Samsung Gear VR with other phones with some adjustments. The Oculus Mobile SDK is optimized for Galaxy Note 4, its sensors, and its suite. You will not get the complete VR experience in another phone while experiencing limited controls and fewer software specific features.

Fit it to your Phone

How to use Samsung Gear VR with any phone? Connect it to your phone using a Micro USB and make sure it holds its place by using the clamping mechanism. Your phone must be the same size as the Samsung Note 4 which has a 5.7 inch screen.

Your phone should also contain a connector for Micro USB at the bottom of its body. Connecting it via a USB port will only provide a good fit since the Gear VR will not connect via software with any other phone except Note 4. If your phone is slightly smaller than Note 4, then connecting Gear VR via USB will help you hold it in place.

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Here are some phones that more or less work with Gear VR-

  1. Samsung Galaxy S4
    2. Motorola DROID Turbo
    3. Samsung Galaxy S5
    4. Nexus 5

If your phone is slightly smaller than the Galaxy Note 4, even then it should work with Gear VR. Hence devices like LG G3, HTC One M8, and Moto X can also work with it. The clasping mechanism may not work on smaller phones and hence you can use felt or a case or something else for padding. The Nexus 6 may be too big for this Gear but the OnePlus One can easily fit Gear VR without any issues. Once Gear VR is fit on your phone, you can use it just like you would use a cheaper virtual reality Gear or Google Cardboard.

Installing the Software

Since your phone is unsupported, it will not be able to use Gear VR’s software and hence you will have to install applications to create VR and 3D content.

Google Cardboard is the best option since it provides stereoscopic experiences to create 3D environments that can be accessed by moving your head. It also has many demos and you can view YouTube in VR and import your personal content as well. You can also use other stereoscopic viewers such as VR Player. VR Player does not have any whistles and bells like Google Cardboard does but it has 3D and 2D playback which can be tailored for viewing with VR Goggles such as Gear VR.

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