Self-Motivating Youth Inspiring Speech For Students

There is great power in words. You may experience a moment where you listen to a speech that alters your perspective in life. Here we have selected some of the best self-motivating youth inspiring speech’s for students. These are TED speeches that share some brilliant ideas. Many TED speakers have influenced students and inspired them to work towards their future. Here are some of the best TED speeches for students. These speeches will alter your student life and change the way you approach life.

1.Your Elusive Creative Genius

This speech was given by Elizabeth Gilbert. She is the writer of Eat, Pray, Love. She spoke about her creative ideas in her speech. She also shared the history of the term creative genius and discussed its different definitions and backgrounds. She talked about the evolution of creativity over time. Gilbert shared her creative genius experience and how she struggled with writing after the success of her book Eat, Pray, Love. This is an inspiring speech that showcases that genius is a gift that can be achieved by anyone that tries. Her shares of amazing concepts and the background on creative genius are very interesting.

2. How to Live Before You Die

This speech was given by the legend, Steve Jobs. This is a very famous self-motivating youth inspiring speech for students. He gave this speech at Stanford University and discussed listening to the gut. He said your gut always knows where you are needed. He spoke about connecting dots as well. He said that after you have lived a life, and you reflect back on it, you will be able to see how everything connects. Everything leads you to a fated and meaningful destination. It is a very inspiring speech for students. This speech will make you appreciate and love Jobs.

3. The Power of introverts

Being an introvert can be tough and embarrassing in today’s culture that rewards outgoing and social human beings. This speech was given by Susan Cain who spoke passionately about student life. She said introverts bring amazing abilities and talents to the table and they must be celebrated and encouraged. It is often assumed that entrepreneurs and business people must be outgoing for them to be successful. Susan however speaks very passionately about the value of introverts. She says the best space for everyone is the one where their creativity and productivity are stimulated. Introverts often brainstorm in isolation or small groups and it should not make a difference in how they achieve results. She speaks about how the focus should be on the contribution and quality of the job from all kinds of personalities including introverts.

4. Embrace the near win

Sarah Lewis was working in a museum when she observed that the artist that she was reading about was not perfect. Not every work of art was a masterpiece. In her speech, she talks about almost failure which is an almost win. She believes that while we are pursuing mastery and success, it is our almost wins that keep us motivated.

We hope you find a self-motivating youth inspiring speech for students that speaks to you and inspires you. Listen to these speeches and try and find value in these words.

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