Best Shoe Disinfectants in 2022

Our shoes can be carriers of millions of germs and bacteria that we may bring back home after treading different parts of our city every day. Since shoes are something we wear all day long they are bound to accumulate bacteria due to our sweat and may often leave a bad odor, which can be eliminated with disinfectants. Additionally, at a time when the Corona Virus pandemic has become a major concern, it is important we play our part in ensuring we keep our homes safe by not just disinfecting our hands and things but also our shoes. Here are some of the best shoe disinfectants that you will find online in 2021.

Products you can use to stay safe from bacteria, germs, and viruses that may be present in or on shoes.

1. Clear Gear Disinfectant spray:

This disinfectant spray is not only good for shoes but can also be used for other sports equipment and materials. It is used by professional athletes and is able to eliminate bacteria and germs.



Shoe disinfectant


  • Available in different packs and quantities.
  • Easy to use & has a mild scent
  • Leaves no residue
  • Does not cause corrosion
  • Does not cause corrosion
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces
  • Is a local business


  • Relatively expensive

2. 10-seconds deodorant & disinfectant

This is a product that does not just disinfect but also deodorizes the shoe. It is known for being effective and for showing results fast.


$24.70 (for a pack of two) 

Shoe disinfectant 2021


  • Can be used on carpets
  • Can be used on various shoe materials such as leather
  • Neutralizes odor


  • Comparatively expensive
  • It may have toxic components, hence you may have to keep it away from children, kitchen, or food items.

3. Lysol disinfectant spray:

This is a spray that can be used for multiple purpsoses and materials. It disinfects, sanitizes and deodorizes surfaces.


$10.77 (for pack of two)

lysol shoe disinfectant 2021


  • Cheap
  • Safe from COVID 19 bacteria and other kills germs causing illnesses, like cold and flu viruses
  • USDA Certified Biobased Product


  • Flimsy bottle
  • Strong odour

4. Elite Sportz Shoe Deodorizer and Foot Spray

This is a spray that is very useful for people who may have stinky feet. It does not just fight bad odor but also removes particles that may result in infections using essential oils and herbs



shoe disinfectant


  • Can be used on all kind of footwear
  • Prevents dryness of the skin on feet
  • Suitable for skin as well as surfaces
  • Long-lasting
  • Uses natural ingredients


  • Does not prevent or reduce sweat
  • It may be toxic to pets
  • Strong smell & oily

5. Pinpoxe Beauty anti-fungal Foot Spray:

This spray does not just fight infections but also ensures your feet stay odourless and healthy.

shoe disinfectant


  • Restores skin.
  • Can be used by sports players
  • Suitable for all ages and genders
  • Stimulates skin regeneration
  • A convenient and discreet application
  • Works on sensitive skin
  • Prevents skin infections


  • Relatively expensive
  • Small quantity

These are some of the most popular shoe disinfectants that we can find which fight infections and prevent the growth of bacteria and germs in our shoes. In the midst of a pandemic, we must leave no stone unturned to ensure we don’t bring bacteria home, and at the same time, we must also ensure we don’t create other infections by keeping our shoes odorless and dry. Using these such products can ensure we remain safe and healthy.

Check the effects of sanitizers and disinfectants on shoes.

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