Is Shopee safe and legit? Customer & Expert reviews

Shopee is a large ecommerce website that offers a wide range of items at reasonable rates, which is why it has grown so prominent.

But is Shopee legit? Some individuals are happy with their shopping experience, and on the other hand, some are alleging that they have been cheated. In this article, we will find out if shopee is legit and safe.

A little about Shopee

Shopee is a ecommerce retailer which started in 2015, the company’s headquarters is in Singapore but it sells products worldwide through its country specific subdomains. Gadgets, home & living, groceries, personal care products, baby & toys, clothing, and sports gear are just a few of the product categories available on Shopee.

  • Product line: clothing, mobiles and gadgets, home entertainment, home appliance, food/health care goods, sports & travel, beauty products, footwear, pet care, stationery, etc.
  • Website: (The Brand also has other country specific websites like .in , .ph & more)
  • Customer support telephone number: 0288805200 
  • Address: 5 Science Park Drive, Shopee Building, Singapore 118265

Is Shopee Safe to use for online shoppers?

Shopee is a legitimate business following all the legal requirements of the country it operates in. Still, it is not an entirely safe platform to shop due to fake sellers, refund issues, and a poor customer service team.

Even after the issues mentioned above, we don’t discourage you from using the website. Some products are available at highly reasonable prices, and others may be a must-buy for you due to how unique they are. But, it would be best if you kept a few things in mind while purchasing on Shopee.

Things to keep in mind before purchasing on Shopee

As is clear from the extensive customer reviews on trustpilot & other sites, Shoppe has numerous issues. Customers have faced huge losses after ordering from this site.

Here are some points to keep in mind while ordering from Shopee to be safe from any losses

  • Check Seller reviews – Read reviews by other seller customers before buying a product. The biggest issue buyers face is placing an order with sellers with no reviews or a negative profile. If you take care of this before ordering, you should be good.
  • Check Before marking the order as complete – Make sure that when you receive your order, check to see if you have received the correct product and only then click on “received order”. This is one of Shopee’s features that helps to protect the buyer’s interest. If you have any problem with your product at this stage, it is easiest to find a solution.
  • Check Alternative places your product is available – If possible, check physical stores, Amazon & other trusted sites for your product before buying from this platform. The physical stores have the option of easy replacement or a person to complain in case of any issue. While you will receive the product from Shopee at a better price, it’s always recommended to spend a few extra bucks for peace of mind.
  • Check Shipping Fees – Also, keep in mind that the price of the product does not include shipping fees, which is added to your order at checkout. Ensure you have the shipping fees while checking how cheap the inline product is.
  • Unboxing Video & Screenshots – If after the purchase of the product you face any issues, make sure that you make a video of unboxing & save a screenshot as proof of the response the customer care team gives. Doing this is to ensure that your follow-up of the complaint is easy as Shopee does not have any record of your past complaints and their responses

Common Issues that customers face with Shopee :

  • Return or Refund Issues in products. If defective products are received, reviewers have often complained that they do not receive the refund of the product or the replacement.
  • Poor response of the Shopee customer service team. They keep repeating false assurances. Calls also keep repeatedly getting disconnected.
  • Presence of bugs in the Shopee app.
  • Shopee does not maintain a record of the previous complaints made for any order. So, following up with them is extremely difficult.
  • Many customers received fake products.

Shopee app review:

Shopee is a well-known website that sells a variety of products. However, customers have given it mixed reviews. Many customers are happy with the service, but some have had a bad shopping experience.

The inability of to respond to consumer concerns has resulted in the declining credibility of the platform. It has 68 percent ”bad” reviews on Trustpilot and just 15 percent “excellent” reviews, which is a true indication as to what customers really feel about the platform.

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Our Verdict

Shoppe app is not a scam. But they have a very poor customer support system. Also, some sellers are misusing the platform and harassing customers. The platform certainly needs to improve its refund and return policy as well as focus on developing an interactive customer support team. They also need to ban sellers against whom repeated complaints are received. This will help the company to regain customer faith.

So, continue shopping on, but with due caution. Check out these top selling products on Shopee Philippines.

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