Bookkeeping is an important skill and domain of work in the business sector. On the outside, you may not realize the work that goes into bookkeeping. You need a special set of skills to become an efficient bookkeeper.

Whether or not you are currently working in or going to work in the business sector, or are an individual who may be an entrepreneur, bookkeeping skills are something you must acquire. It will not just help your ventures but will also help you keep a check on the people and projects you are working on. Furthermore, even if you are not an entrepreneur or businessman/woman, your bookkeeping skills can land you a permanent or a part-time job in smaller enterprises.

Bookkeeping is not difficult to learn and courses for the same can be accessed online in Australia. Most of these courses are short-term and enriching. Read more to find the Top 3 short bookkeeping courses online in Australia today.


1.’s Business Bookkeeping Certificate

This is a short-term course in Bookkeeping that you can find online and access anywhere in Australia. It is provided by The Career Academy and is recognized by the ICOES. You can enroll in this course at any time you like.

The course teaches you to balance books, prepare GST returns and keep business accounts. You would need to invest 100 hours for the completion of this course and you will be given 6 months to access this course from the time you join it. Thus, this course allows you to study at your own pace.

2. Applied Education’s FNS40217 Certificate in Accounting and Bookkeeping

This is another top-best short bookkeeping course that you can find online in Australia. It has a review of 4.4 stars by Trustscore. Although an individual is given a period of 12 months to complete this course, if they are familiar with the basic concepts and desire to complete the course faster, they are free to do so. Hence, this course is also one you can pace yourself for.

The course provides you with quality materials, videos and webinars, support from the assessors and student team, and also has online means of assessments.

Lastly, if one wishes to access the platform’s resources offline, they are free to do so by paying a fee to buy hard copy manuals.

3. Xero Australia’s Essentials Accounting and Bookkeeping course on Udemy

This is another one of the short bookkeeping courses you will find in Australia. It gives you the essentials of bookkeeping within just a few hours. The course has a rating of 4.5 stars and has been recently updated in 2021.

In order to join this course, you will need access to Xero’s demo company.

The course has 9 sections with 68 lectures that last over 7 hours and 29 minutes. However, students of this course have recommended that a person should have a decent understanding of accounting terms and concepts such as expenses, assets, liabilities, etc. before going through this course.

Thus, here are the Top 3 short bookkeeping courses that you will find today in Australia online. Of course, you may find longer ones that may be more detailed, but if you are someone lacking time, these are the perfect options for you. Use your time wisely, pace yourself, and have an enriching short-term bookkeeping course experience.

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