What are electrolytes and why is there a growing concern for them? Can smart water provide us with the needed electrolytes?

Over the years, human activities have polluted all kinds of water bodies across the world. This has made access to clean and safe drinking water difficult for people across countries. New technology was thus, created to purify the water we consume for drinking purposes. However, this new technology ended up eliminating the essential minerals and vitamins that water contains which are also necessary for our body. In order to solve this issue, scientists came up with a new product called Smart Water.

Since this is a relatively new concept, people do not have a clear understanding of what Smart Water is and what it includes. Let us break things down for you and make them simpler.

What is smart water and what does it contain?

Smart water is bottled water with added vitamins and minerals, namely electrolytes in the water that you drink. Smart water is easily available and can even be bought online.

What are electroltyes in smart water? Why do we need them?

  • Electrolytes are essential minerals such as potassium, calcium, and sodium.
  • These minerals are essential for the body to function in a healthy manner.
  • Electrolytes also play a vital role in ensuring our body stays hydrated. This is why you may often find sports drinks advertised with electrolytes. These electrolytes replace all the electrolytes that may be lost during activities through sweat.
  • It is this hydration through electrolytes that help regulate muscle contractions.
  • Electrolytes also help to maintain the pH levels in our body.

Who needs Smart water and Why?

  • Usually, when you feel dehydrated, you usually pick up a juice, a sweet drink, or just plain sugar water and reenergize yourself. However, there are many people who cannot take in so much sugar.
  • These may be sportsmen or even diabetic people.
  • Such people need the minerals and vitamins that come with this sugared water but may not be able to use common sources to get them.
  • Thus, it is here where smart water containing electrolytes are able to tend to the needs of such people and is able to replace sugary drinks with water having the same components.

Concluding note:

Anyone lacking electrolytes is likely to have effects on their body. We need to be cautious of what we put into our bodies and the effects of the same. While everyone today is trying their best to reduce their intake of sugar, smart water is able to help such people by providing them with the needed electrolytes without having to take the old school route of taking sugar into their body which we all know, has subsequent effects.

If you are someone trying to watch what you eat and drink but are still trying to ensure that your body takes in the essential minerals and vitamins, smart water, is something you must try out. However, one must ensure that whether it is sugared water or smart water, one must take in the required amount of water every day for a healthy body to function.

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