Solar Glass Manufacturers in India

Solar Glass is a type of glass that has a coating of certain chemicals that reflect and absorb sun rays helping to keep the interiors of residential and commercial premises remain relatively cool than otherwise. It also controls the glare caused by sunlight. Solar glass is used in parts of the building such as roofs, skylights, facades, windows, etc to efficiently generate power. The demand for Solar Glass has been growing around the world due to the green movement and the desire of countries around the world to adopt a healthier and eco-friendly way of life.

Solar Glass Manufacturers in India

1. Borosil Renewables

According to reports widely available on the Internet, Borosil Renewables is the only solar glass manufacturer in India currently.

  • Borosil Renewables has a factory in Bharuch, Gujarat which caters to about 40 percent of India’s domestic demand for solar glass.
  • Borosil Renewables currently can produce 450 tons of solar glass per day. The company is planning to increase production to 1000 tons per day by September 2022 and 2000 tons per day shortly.

2. Gold Plus Glass Industry

New Delhi-based Gold Plus Glass Industry, which is the second-largest float glass manufacturer in India, is also about to start a factory to produce solar glass in southern India.

  • The plant is likely to be operational by September 2023 and will have a capacity to produce 300 tons of solar glass per day.
  • The company is backed by Azim Premji’s Premji Invest.

3. Asahi India Glass & Vishakha Group

Gurgaon-based Asahi India Glass, which is a leader in the Indian automotive and architectural glass industry, has partnered with Vishakha Group of Ahmedabad to set up one of the largest solar glass manufacturing units in Mundhra, Gujrat. The project is likely to become operational within a year or two.

Best Glass for solar panels

There are three main types of Solar Glass:

  1. Thin-film modules are made up of amorphous silicon. These are orange in color and are up to 20 percent transparent.
  2. The second type is Photovoltaic (PV) glass which can be up to 50 percent transparent and appears black.
  3. The third type of Solar Glass made up of organic polymer PV is being developed by some companies.

Uses of Solar Glass

  1. Prevents the interiors of buildings from heating up, thereby reducing the expenses of air conditioning.
  2. Protects the inhabitants of the building from harmful UltraViolet rays of the Sun.
  3. Reduces glare from the Sun.
  4. Prevents the discoloration of furnishings inside the premises due to excessive sunlight.
  5. Reduces expenditure on lighting during daytime by allowing sufficient sunlight through the glass.
  6. Can be used for generating electricity.

Key Takeaways

There is a growing demand for solar glass in India and overseas because of the several benefits it offers. The world is adopting environment-friendly technologies and trying to reduce greenhouse gases. Solar glass can help human civilization to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissions. It can help us reduce energy costs. Indian companies are realizing the importance of solar glass for domestic as well as international consumption. India can look forward to becoming a leading provider of solar glass to the world after taking care of domestic requirements.

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