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Top Solar Panel Manufacturers in South Africa

Solar Panel


Top Solar Panel Manufacturers in South Africa

Solar panels have a long list of advantages. Solar power is a cleaner, greener form of power that is extremely environmentally beneficial. Solar power also decreases reliance on other non-renewable sources of energy. Not to forget that, when deployed, solar power is a cost-free source of energy, resulting in lower energy expenses.

Below is a list of the best solar panel manufacturers in South Africa to assist you fulfill your solar energy demands.

1. Valsa Trading:

Valsa has worked with some of the most well-known corporations in the African economy, and the firm has been the preferred provider of a diverse variety of solar energy solutions for over 10 years. The firm also develops, produces, and distributes mounting systems in the African Solar Panel Sector.

Valsa has branches in Kenya and Zimbabwe, as well as distribution partners in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Swaziland, Madagascar, Malawi, and Mauritius. They may also supply their products to many other African nations.

2. ARTsolar: 

ARTsolar was founded in 2010 in Durban, South Africa, and is regarded as one of the sector’s leaders in producing solar panels in the country.

They are the only South African PV company specializing in bulk manufacturing of Utility-Scale PV farms. With a potential of up to 300MW per year, their manufacturing unit is perfectly equipped with laminating, calibrating, and assembling PV modules.

Their business activities include trading PV panels and related supplies on the wholesale and retail levels to professional contractors and general customers.

3. Sinetech PTY Ltd:

Sinetech PTY Ltd was founded in 1995 and has been South Africa’s top Solar Energy supplier in PV Solar Power.  the firm is among Africa’s leading supplier of inverters and other power supplies.

Individual Module Management (IMM) is a solution offered by Sinetech that allows customers to track their solar panel, eliminating guesswork and enabling them to go right to the defect and correct it. IMM is compatible with the majority of high-end solar panels.

The firm also supplies CIGS thin-film solar panels. A light coating of photovoltaic chemicals is applied to a durable solar glass panel. These CIGS thin-film solar panels operate very well, reliably producing roughly 14% additional power a day than conventional solar panels.

4. Genergy:

Genergy‘s main operation is planning, acquisition, and construction of solar thermal plant and solar Panel . Genergy also manages and maintains all of the systems that have been deployed.

Genergy distinguishes itself from competitors by consistently procuring quality materials and developing each complete solution to enhance the satisfaction to customers with regards to producing output and return on investment.

5. SetSolar:

SetSolar configures, imports, and sells a comprehensive variety of solar panels, charge controllers, inverters, batteries, cabling, connectors, mounting structures, and other solar-related products.

SetSolar, a proudly South African-owned firm situated in Cape Town, provides help with training,  installation, different kinds of pv technologies, system balancing, and after-sales support. The company has pledged its products and its solar panel manufacturing to a more ecological carbon-free world.

The firm’s long-term goal is to become a fully diversified solar energy corporation, excelling in photovoltaic, thermal, wind, bio-energy, and other “eco friendly” energy solutions.

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