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Sounds To Scare Away Possums


Sounds To Scare Away Possums

learn effective and safe ways to keep possums away from your backyard right here!

Possums, or opossums as they are more appropriately called (Didelphis virginiana), can completely destroy your garden, notably your fruit- and vegetable-producing plants. From fruits and vegetables to snails and birds, these omnivorous cats the size of cats devour it all. Although marsupials are mostly safe, you may prevent them from damaging your plants by using Certain Sounds that are scary to them but are normal to humans, or nontoxic repellents, barricades, and safe scaring techniques.

What Sounds Repel Possums?

Purchase motion-activated lighting or sprinklers. The possums will be scared away and discouraged from returning if there are sudden lights or sounds.

 Animals like dogs, cats, and possums can hear ultrasonic frequencies, which are those that are louder than 20 kHz or cycles per second (cps), but humans cannot hear them. The frequency range of 20 to 35 kHz is audible to brushtail possums.

Easy fright techniques

Possums who enter your yard will be startled by these non-lethal scare techniques, making it unlikely that they will return:

  1. You can scare away possums by tying helium balloons around the perimeter of your yard.
  2. Sprinkle the dirt around your plants with pinwheels, which you can find at party supply stores. With enough wind, the pinwheels will turn.
  3. Utilizing an extension cord, install an oscillating fan in your garden. Set up a few ribbons with vibrant colors to stream out of the fan when it is running. Tie them to the fan. Possums should be driven away by the fan’s sight and sound.

Control and Removal

As they use these areas for nesting and giving birth, opossum infestations mess up yards, leave trash lying all over and inside homes, and soiled attics and basements. When opossum activity is observed, landowners should contact experts at Critter Control for professional removal assistance. Wild opossums must never be handled. To solve any issues, instead, rely on professionals.

Things To Look Out For

Possums are protected under Australia’s Wildlife Act 1975 since they are a native species there. To meddle with them is forbidden. The Brushtail Possum may be managed, though. Even so, you still need to use the utmost caution. If you wish to make an effort to get rid of possums on your own, there are specific guidelines you must adhere to. The following details are provided:

  1. If a Brushtail Possum is living on your premises, it can only be caught by you, a member of your family, the building manager, or a maintenance worker. Or a licensed possum control specialist.
  2. If you intend to trap it, be sure the cage won’t injure anyone.


1. What fear do possums have?

Garlic, ammonia, and mothball smells turn possums away. Decide where you think possums could congregate and sprinkle those there.

2. What frequency ranges repel possums?

15 to 19 kHz is the frequency range that works well against possums. Most people will not be able to hear these sounds, but certain individuals with good high-frequency hearing may be able to and may not always enjoy them; therefore, the 90-day guarantee.


Possums aren’t physically destructive but can ruin your outdoor settings and take over territory by nesting. In addition, opossums draw in other animals, so it’s preferable to keep them out of your yard altogether if at all possible.

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