Stained Glass Manufacturers in the USA

You may have often come across various stained glasses, especially the beautifully colored (stained) window glass of the churches. The demand for such glass material has been growing over time, and so is its value. For individuals looking to buy stained glass directly from manufacturers in the USA for a professional and durable effect, you are at the right place. 

List of Stained Glass Manufacturers in the USA

  1. Elmont Glass Co., Inc.
  2. Brooks Beveled Edges
  3. Texas Lightsmith
  4. Mayco Industries
  5. Dillmeier Glass Company
  6. Kokomo Opalescent Glass
  7. Atlantis Waterjet Services, LLC
  8. Cosmopolitan Glass, Inc.
  9. Flickinger Glassworks, Inc.
  10. Dimensional Plastics Corp.
  11. Glasscraft
  12. Rejac Enr.
  13. Thermal Seal Insulating Glass, Inc.
  14. Artistic Glass
  15. SGO Designer Glass
  16. Ambleside Stained Glass
  17. Coatings by Sandberg, Inc.
  18. Loman Studios, Inc
  19. Bear Glass
  20. Rayann’s Church Furnishings
  21. Koesling Glass Studio
  22. Millennium Glassworks
  23. Solarium Design Group Ltd.
  24. Art Nouveau Stained Glass Inc.
  25. Studio One Glass Art Ltd.
  26. Robert McCausland Limited
  27. Glaskrafter Art Glass
  28. Stained Glass & Wood Craft
  29. Sutton Christian Supply, Inc.
  30. Sattler Stained Glass Studio Ltd.
  31. Schella Glass Studio
  32. Vitre Art C.A.B. (1988) Inc.
  33. Beveled Edge Framing
  34. The Limited Edition Glassworks Inc.
  35. Vitrerie Deslongchamps Inc.
  36. Mercer & Schaefer Glass Studio
  37. Artistic Touch of Glass Inc.
  38. Seaview Stained Glass
  39. The Prospector’s Pick
  40. Sandpiper Studios Ltd.
  41. Howcroft Stained Glass Studio
  42. High Street Stained Glass
  43. Jap Limited
  44. Leaded Lights Stained Glass
  45. Cecile Fortin Vitrail Inc.


1. Who is the largest glass manufacturer in the USA?

One of the world’s largest technical and industrial glass manufacturers is Corning Incorporated, a multinational company in America. The company specializes in various glass and related materials.

2. Which is the largest window glass manufacturer in the USA?

Pella Corp is America’s largest glass manufacturer for windows and doors, located in Iowa. They specialize in wood, vinyl doors and windows, and fiberglass products for residential construction.  

3. Who is the award-winning glass manufacturer in the USA?

Gentex Corp. is an award-winning manufacturer specializing in fire protection equipment and glass products for the aerospace and automotive industry. It is located in Zeeland, Mich, with 5000+ employees. 

4. Which city produces the most glass?

Toledo, Ohio, is known as the glass city for producing the highest quantities of industrial glass across the globe. 

5. How much is the glass industry worth?

The glass manufacturing industry of the US, as per revenue, is worth $31.6b as of 2022. 


Stained glass benefits over other types of glasses and are available in different colors and patterns. Most companies offer customized stained glasses and products with various elements. Choosing the right glass manufacturer requires you to consider the product type, budget, shipping expenses and duration, quality and trust offered by the company, and more. So study before you invest. 

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