Motivational Quotes for Sales Team to Achieve Targets

Are you done with every possible instruction to your sales team but still a far cry away from reaching the desired results? Use these motivational quotes to stimulate your sales team to achieve their targets. A good quote can tweak the attitude and focus of individuals by introducing them to a new perspective of selling your service or product. Here, we have selected a handful of such great quotes for you and your sales team.

1. “Solve your customer’s pain points, and they will be loyal to you forever!”


Key Takeaway: Lend an Ear

Being a blabbermouth hardly creates an impact on the consumer at the other end and instead disgusts him to tune you off before you are done. This quotation inspires one to become a more attentive listener each time he interacts with any customer. Once the customer is convinced that you are the one who can cater to their requirements, he will seek you out.. In the process, your sales targets will be achieved and the customer will leave satisfied.

2. “Nobody likes to be sold to, but everyone likes to buy.”

Nobody likes to be sold to, but everyone likes to buy.

Key Takeaway: Enhance Interpersonal Skills

This quote by Earl Taylor teaches not to employ pushy tactics for pitching sales. Every sales team needs to learn not to push the customer to buy. Rather, the goal should always be to ensure that there is a sync established between the customer’s needs and the product at hand ensuring that the customer needs the product

3. “People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.”

Key Takeaway: Establish an Emotional Connect.

These words uttered by author cum salesman Zig Ziglar are true to the core. Striving to accomplish the allocated targets, sales personnel become mechanical in their approach towards the consumers only to leave them flustered. They get busy canvassing the features of the product instead of explaining how it can be helpful to the buyer’s needs. Human Beings are emotional beings and if we establish a connect with our customer, they will happily purchase the product

4. “Value the relationship more than your quota.”

Value the relationship more than your quota.

Key Takeaway: Prioritize long term Consumer Relationship

Jeffrey Gitomer hits the target when he advices us to value the relationship we establish with our customers. A good relationship will ensure long term sales, repeat buyers, a great reputation and word of mouth promotion. The promotion of a service or commodity through the word-of-mouth spreads faster and lasts longer, despite the more technologically advanced ad campaigns. Sales individuals need to be conscious of maintaining buyer-friendly gestures and polite follow-ups to keep the consumers hooked.

5. “Engaging people is about meeting their needs – not yours.”

Engaging people is about meeting their needs – not yours.

Key Takeaway: Reciprocate to Reactions

In the words of Tony Robbins, apart from being a good listener, a sales individual is needed to pay attention to detail by listening and noticing the customer reaction and then responding. Selling is not memorizing and repeating a list of features but rather identifying and telling that one feature which the customer wants.

These motivational quotes for sales team to achieve targets, will surely help your sales team too. It is indeed a great start, but for added motivation read these great books on sales.

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