Top 100 Agriculture Companies in India

Are you scrutinizing some of the best agriculture companies in India? In this article, we will discuss some of the best agriculture companies in India; we will examine their performance and market capital. 

Agriculture is one of the most dependable sectors in the Indian economy; It also acts as a backbone of our economy, with an 18.4 % total share in the financial year of 2019-20, with revenue of Rs. 4, 46,044.  

Top 100 agriculture companies in India

How we curated the list & its Authenticity?

After analyzing the information on various sites like 5paisa, Moneycontrol, Groww & Economic times, we have compiled this list. This is an updated list with data as of 30th September 2022. Here we list the top 100 agriculture companies based on the company’s market capital in the last quarter.

Ranking List

You can view the complete list of the top 100 agriculture companies listed by the company’s market capital in the last quarter here.

As we mentioned above that this data lists given based on their performance and market capital. Let us explore more about the top 7 companies in the agriculture sector. 

  1. UPL Ltd. Coromandel International
  2. Bayer Crop Science Ltd
  3. Godrej Agrovet Limited
  4. Avanti Feeds
  5. Bombay Burmah
  6. Advanta Limited
  7. Kaveri seeds

1. UPL Ltd.

UPL Ltd. is one of the top companies on a list of top agriculture companies in India. UPL Ltd’s per stock valuation is Rs. 690.75, with a market capitalization of 51,788 Cr. 

United Phosphorus Limited is an Indian multinational company that markets agrochemicals, specialty chemicals, industrial chemicals, and chemical intermediates; proposes crop protection solutions. UPL’s mission is to Change the game- to make every food production more sustainable. Their agro-business is their reliable source of revenue and contains the manufacture and dealing of conventional agrochemical products and seeds.

2. Bayer Crop Science Ltd

Bayer crop science is also a part of top agriculture companies in India. Bayers crop per stock valuation is 4,766 Rs, with a market capitalization of 21,417 Cr. 
The Company is committed to the `Agri Care’ business which mainly comprises the manufacture, sale, and distribution of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and other agro products. They are also into the sale and distribution of hybrid seeds. They have a manufacturing site for agrochemical production at Himatnagar and Silvassa drying and processing station at Hyderabad; breeding stations at Udaipur and Bangalore.

3. Bombay Burmah

Bombay Burmah is also a part of the top agriculture companies in India. Bombay Burmah per stock valuation is Rs. 940, with a market capitalization of 6,439.60 Cr. 

It is an Indian trading company in Mumbai, Owned by the Wadia Group. It was formed in the year 1863 by the Wallace Brothers of Scotland. It was considered India’s oldest publicly traded company; the factorywass established to come into the Burmese tea business via the initial step of carrying over the Burmese assets of William Wallace. It has one of the most prominent shares in the market.

4. Godrej Agrovet Limited

Godrej Agrovet Limited is also a part of the top agriculture companies in India. Godrej Agrovet’s per stock valuation is Rs. 520, with a market capitalization of 9,790.56 Cr. 

Godrej Agrovet Limited is an Indian business that operates in the animal feed and agribusiness sectors. They are part of the highly diversified Godrej Group; the chairman of Godrej Agrovet is Nadir Godrej. The company assists and manufactures agrochemicals, Aster Life Sciences.

5. Avanti Feeds

Avanti Feeds is also a part of the top agriculture companies in India. Avanti Feeds per stock valuation is Rs. 488 with a market capitalization of 6,357.22 Cr. 

They deliver scientifically developed and nutritionally well-balanced shrimp feed to our farmers. They have highly trained labs to guarantee quality. Their technical teams assist farmers from all over the country with good seed selection, aquaculture practices, and seed quality analysis. This technique not only helps them in making their reputation but also helps them in getting a good clientele throughout the world.

6. Advanta Limited

Advanta Limited is also a part of the top agriculture companies in India. Advanta Limited was not currently available in the market; they have a market capitalization of 8,020 Cr. which makes their existence very clear in this list. 

Advanta India is a part of Advanta International Group. They only focus on the productin, and commercialization of specialty products, seeds, and agrochemicals.

7. Kaveri Seed

Kaveri Seed is also a part of the top agriculture companies in India. Kaveri Seed per stock valuation is Rs. 439, with a market capitalization of 2,502 Cr. which makes their existence very clear in this list. 

The company was set up in 1976 by Mr. G V Bhaskar Rao; Kaveri seeds today are India’s largest agriculture business specializing in Hybrid Seeds for some Key Indian crops.

They got to this position through their excellent research and development; high–yield seeds are the reason they got trusted by every farmer over the last three decades. 


Hope, this article gives you an idea of the top agricultural companies in India and what is their market capital.

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