Top 100 Shirt Brands in India

Are you planning to buy a shirt or blouse for men or women? Have you ever wondered which top 100 shirt brands in India you should look at? Worry not; just read on.

Top 100 Shirt Brands in India

This article will discuss the top 100 shirt brands in India; we will examine their performance and market capital to provide you with some of the best brand names. 

1. Raymond

Raymond is one of the most well-known and trusted companies for formal clothing. It has a market worth of Rs. 3314.64 Crores. It is well known for its selection of formal and semi-formal attire. Its wide range of products serves houses of all income levels. Both premium and affordable selections are available at Raymond. The Raymond umbrella includes high-end brands like Parx, Ethnix, Park Avenue, and Colour Plus.

2. Blackberry

Want a men’s formal collection for offices and meetings; then blackberry should be your first choice to look for. Blackberry is an Indian clothing brand owned by Mohan Clothing Co. Pvt Ltd and started in 1991. It is available in all brand stores, or you can visit their online store. 

3. Arrow

Born in 1851, Arrow is a blue-blooded American brand that came early in the Indian market and set its name when not many international brands were available in the country. Arrow is famous for its formal wear and suits in the country, and many of the young crowd love the attire presented by Arrow. 

4. H&M 

When H&M first came to India in 2015, it quickly gained popularity. H&M, is well-known for its casual, leisure, and formal wear and has a capital value of Rs. 1,882 crores. It serves a spectrum of customers with its mid- to high-range clothes.

5. Zara 

The international retail chain Zara started in Spain and offers clothing, shoes, accessories, perfumes, etc. With about 2,220 locations globally, Zara is renowned for its fashionable, lavish, and high-quality clothes. 

6. Van Heusen 

Van Heusen is an American clothing business had a market value of Rs. 640 crores in the country. It is a company that caters to young professionals by offering them a line of fashionable, high-end, and elegant clothing. This international company is renowned for its formal and semi-formal clothing.

7. Allen Solly 

The Aditya Birla Group bought the clothing line Allen Solly, a UK brand launched in 1993. It is a household name in the Indian fashion industry. Allen Solly has refurnished the definition of formal or office wear, and the fit and quality are unparalleled.

8. Louis Phillippe

Louis Philippe is a premium label in men’s apparel that originates from the nation. It is a part of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle parent company, which also supplies various quality designs under the direction of Deepanshu Ranka and Saksham Jain. It was under the umbrella of the Aditya Birla Group in 1989. Named after Louis Philippe, King of France- from 1830 to 1848, the brand is one of the biggest names in the Indian clothing industry. 

9. Peter England

Peter England was founded in 1889 in Ireland to supply British soldiers with Khaki pants during the Boer War. More than a century later, Peter England was in the Indian market in 1997. The brand was acquired by Aditya Birla Group in 2000 and quickly became India’s Leading Menswear Brand. 

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1. Which shirt quality is best?

It depends on the type of fabric that a person uses. Cotton is believed to be the best for shirt manufacturing since it is smooth and breathable. 

2. What brand has good shirts?

Some popular shirt brands are Louis Phillip, Peter England, Blackberry, and Arrow. You can check the complete list of the top 100 shirt brands above.

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