Top 50 Penny stocks in India

If you are looking for the best penny stocks in India, you have come to the right place. This article will cover the top 50 penny stocks that have become my favorites over time. Penny stock is a term used in the financial world to indicate stocks trading at low prices. The definition of “penny stocks” depends on who you ask and where you look, but as a general rule of thumb, they’re traded at less than Rs. 10.00 per share. They have the potential to give 200 to 300% returns.

Pro tip:- In penny stocks, never check for the price; check for the volume you can buy; this volume will make you rich.

Top 50 Penny stocks in India

How we curated the list & its Authenticity

After analyzing the information on various sites like 5paisa, Moneycontrol, Groww & Screener, we have compiled this list. This is an updated list with data as of 30th September 2022. Here we list the top 50 penny stocks based on the stock’s growth in the last quarter.

Ranking List

You can view the top 50 Penny Stocks listed by company’s growth in the last quarter here.

Let’s explore more about the top 7 penny stocks. So without wasting any time now, we should start with our first company, which is :

1. Sword-Edge Comm.

  • Share price – 0.6 Rs.
  • Arlet capital- 13.03 Cr. 
  • Quarterly profit growth- 833.33
  • Volume- 323,615

Sword-Edge Comm. launched in the year 1985 in Mumbai. Sword Edge Commercials Ltd. is a trading business. They offer traders, merchants, exporters, distributors, importers, and dealers of consumer goods such as beverages, edible and non-edible oils, and fats. They are also in the business of electrical goods, metals, chemicals, and other industrial components. The share price is less than a rupee, and the growth of this particular stock is a high 833% in the last quarter. 

2. Virtual Global

  • Share price – 0.97 Rs.
  • Arlet capital- 41.1 Cr. 
  • Quarterly profit growth- 800
  • Volume- 639,110

Virtual Global Education Limited is an experienced company engaged in studying, researching, training, and growing integrated talents in higher and vocational training programs. The share price is less than a rupee, and this stock rise is around 800% in the last quarter. 

3. Avance Tech.

  • Share price – 0.41 Rs.
  • Arlet capital- 8.13 Cr. 
  • Quarterly profit growth- 800
  • Volume- 546,769

Mobile messaging has proven to be one of the most cost-effective means to interact with clients. Text notification is still high impact; Avance Technologies can quickly supply important details virtually anywhere on the planet. All these things confirm that it is a marketing company that can grow faster in today’s business opportunities. 

4. Empower India

  • Share price -0.15 Rs.
  • Arlet capital- 17.46 Cr. 
  • Quarterly profit growth- 433.33
  • Volume-3,225,608

The company is into the IT service sector for two decades. As they say, they are the first one to be one of the first companies to give our clients an end-to-end solution. They provide their clients with business strategies and technology management services. The share price is 0.15, Rs.and this particular stock rise is around 433%, an excellent return. 

5. Seven Hill Inds.

  • Share price -0.7 Rs.
  • Arlet capital- 9.1 Cr. 
  • Quarterly profit growth- 375
  • Volume-757,297

Even Hill Industries Limited registered in 1990. It is involved in activities additional to financial intermediation, except insurance and pension funding. The company provides financial and leasing assistance. This company has a decent amount of Volume-757,297, which is very beneficial in this case. 

6. Goldline Intl.

  • Share price -0.97 Rs.
  • Arlet capital- 50.53 Cr. 
  • Quarterly profit growth- 325
  • Volume-768, 052

Gold Line Infrastructure Finvest Limited registered in New Delhi as ‘Good-Enough Securities Limited’ on 9th September 1992. Their primary business is investing, selling, buying, acquiring, holding shares, etc. The share price is 0.97 Rs. this particular stock rise is around 325 % which is a noticeable growth. 

7. Saianand Commer.

  • Share price -0.74 Rs.
  • Arlet capital- 16.79 Cr. 
  • Quarterly profit growth- 284
  • Volume-768, 052

Saianand Commercial Limited is a Public registered in 1984. They are a Non-govt company; involved in the wholesale sale and purchase of a good. 


1. Which penny stock is a multi-bagger?

Ankit Metal & Power Ltd. is a multibagger stock. It has great potential for a 2x to 3x return.

2. Which penny stocks are fundamentally strong?

Vodaphone Idea is a fundamentally strong penny stock that you can reliably invest in.

4. Which penny stock has the highest return?

Sword-Edge Comm. has given its investors a return of 833.33% on its stocks.


Investing in varied best penny stocks can be very beneficial for investors. They do not need much money to achieve a high return, but it requires calculation and patience. Placing small trades each day will soon add up, and showing growth daily will be highly satisfying. Make sure to do your own research before investing in any company.

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