Top 3 free courses on Sage online

Many Sage courses are in demand, especially in the UK. Sage online courses will give you an advantage over your peers since they address your need for new learning and skills that are in demand. Many of the Sage online courses are free and give you a good grasp of different aspects of accounting software.

What is a Sage online course? Why is it needed?

Sage is one of the UK’s most popular accounting programs that helps businesses and organizations to effectively and efficiently manage their finances and revenue.

Sage online courses are the best way to gain knowledge about accounting software. These courses portray how to manage every detail you need to know such as supplier details, financial reports, invoices, and any other information you need about money and accounts.

These courses are in demand, thereby giving you an added advantage on your resume, increasing your employability.

Top 3 Courses For Sage Online

While there are a lot of paid courses on Sage, you can start with free courses to start learning.

Here are the top 3 free Sage courses to get you started:

1. Sage 50 cloud Payroll Training

Sage 50 cloud Payroll Training

Sage 50cloud Payroll Training is an e-learning free course that helps you build confidence. The course gives you experience using payroll software and processing pay systems.

There are two main courses in Payroll Training – a simple online course and a certification course.

These consist of –

  1. Sage 50cloud Payroll eLearning
  2. Sage 50cloud Payroll Certification

Course link: Sage 50 cloud Payroll Training

Course Duration: Learn at your own pace

2. Sage Accounting Training

Sage Accounting Training

Sage Accounting Training is a course provided for you to learn the basics of accounting and how you can become an expert with Sage Accounting.

You can be certified if you enroll in Sage Accounting Certification, which is an accredited performance-based certification program.

Course link: Sage Accounting Training

Course Duration: Learn at your own pace

3. Sage 50 cloud Accounts Training

Sage 50 cloud Accounts Training

Sage 50 Accounts training is one of the top courses that are in demand to understand the accounting software.

There are a total of 2 courses that are provided in Sage 50 accounts training.

You can access whichever course you find most appropriate for you. Even the certification course on Sage 50 is free of cost.

The courses include-

  1. Sage 50 cloud Accounts e-Learning
  2. Sage 50 cloud Accounts Certification.

Course link: Sage 50 cloud Accounts Training

Course Duration: Learn at your own pace

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